UNESCO delivers the recommendations for the management of the World Heritage Site of Valparaíso to the Chilean state

UNESCO has delivered the recommendations for the management of the World Heritage site of Valparaíso to the Chilean state, the Ministry of Cultures reported on Thursday.

After a week-long visit, in which the head of the Latin America and Caribbean Unit of the World Heritage Center, Mauro Rosi, and the expert, Luis Ignacio Gómez Arriola, met more than one hundred people from various institutions and organizations, the report published by UNESCO confirms that the Historic District of the port city of Valparaíso maintains its characteristics of outstanding universal value.

In a document prepared by the experts, it provides 31 medium- and long-term recommendations that will serve as a guide for the work of the Municipal Entity for the Administration of World Heritage (SPM), a body that began its session on Tuesday 20 December 2022.

In relation to the governance of the site, the document suggests the integration of different tools for the execution of a global and participatory management plan that has a management model for sustainable development. An example of this is the strengthening of the incentives applicable to the redevelopment and recovery of real estate assets in the various urban planning instruments.

Within the recommendations, the experts express the need for the collaboration of different state institutions, which allow the strengthening of the current planning tools applicable in the World Heritage site, through the articulation of different portfolios.

edgy mayor

The mayor of Valparaíso, Jorge Sharp, highlighted the relevance of this report, explaining that “it seems to us that this report is an important orientation in the actions that we must carry out together with the state”.

“Furthermore, it very clearly underlines the importance of pursuing legislative and budgetary issues on heritage at a central level, which allows the exceptional value of the site to be protected with better tools and, furthermore, it is a validation of what we have undertaken as trustees The report is emphatic in seeing the creation of the municipal entity to administer the site as highly beneficial to the site’s government,” he said.

Likewise, the head of the community indicated that “the report recommends a “Pilot Plan for the Barrio Puerto” in which the company has prioritized the portfolio of initiatives. Which was socialized yesterday at the first ordinary meeting of the company where the directors and directors who supported, integrated and committed actions for compliance with it intervened. It’s a great challenge, but today there’s a different way of tackling it with an urgent agenda, because we’re talking about an inhabited site, with important social problems”.

ministerial reaction

“We see the recommendations in this report as a very positive signal, which will serve as a roadmap to continue advancing in the protection of the World Heritage site,” said Carolina Pérez, undersecretary of cultural heritage, which is also part of the corporate directory.

“We thank all those who have been part of this mission, in which UnNESCO experts listened to all the actors involved in the sector’s heritage management. As a state, we are committed to safeguarding the port district and will continue to generate instances of cooperation to address this great challenge,” she commented.

While most of the recommendations are far-reaching, actions that can be worked on in the short term are also proposed, such as the implementation of the portfolio of heritage property projects and the placement of official plaques with the World Heritage emblem of the UNESCO. with an informative text on the outstanding universal value of the site.

The report can be downloaded here.

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