The mayor of Viña del Mar calls for consideration of a project that limits the construction of buildings after the damaged areas

The mayor of Viña del Mar, Macarena Ripamonti, (RD) referred to the investigations into the causes of the fire in the municipality, underlining that “we have the exclusive dedication of the prosecutor’s office”.

The head of the community added that “it is one thing that happens with our legal system, but we must move forward in the definition of new criminal offenses and in a project that I ask to be considered by Parliament, which limits the construction of buildings after the victim areas”. .

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“This is relevant for the recovery of plant species and ecosystems,” condemned Ripamonti, who also referred to the houses affected by the fire. He indicated that it could be between 200 and 500 properties. However, he clarified that there are 131 certified damaged homes, a figure that could increase with inspection by the authorities.

The governor points out “a large dose of intentionality” in focus

The governor of Valparaíso, Rodrigo Mundaca (independent, close to the Broad Front), said there was a “great deal of intentionality” in the massive fire that hit the city of Viña de Mar and also claimed the lives of two people.

“There are structural problems. Today it is essential to place the emphasis on improving the regulatory frameworks in terms of prevention, investment of resources and formulation of land use management and planning,” said the head of the regional council.

“The absence of spatial planning policies is what allows for the use of highly dangerous territories,” added Mundaca.

The fire, which broke out after 6 pm on Thursday, spread rapidly through ravines and hills due to the strong winds that were registered in the coastal area, making it difficult for the emergency teams to control the accident on site.

In turn, in the early hours of the morning, the Executive declared a state of catastrophe, which allows for the adoption of all the extraordinary administrative measures necessary for the timely restoration of normality in the affected area.

“We will move heaven, sea and earth to find those responsible”

President Gabriel Boric flew over the disaster area and promised to help all families affected by the disaster.

“There will be all the necessary support (…) The cadastre is being carried out to effectively know what specific aid is needed and where. We have allocated the resources so that they are available in a timely manner (… ) This cannot be a news only for one, two, three or four days; we must take advantage of it to carry out a management, an emergency plan, which allows us to prevent”, said the head of state of Viña del Mar, whose damaged area he flew over arriving in the town located 122 kilometers from Santiago.

“Of course the fire helped the families, we must see it as an opportunity, in the sense of territorial planning and organization (…) “In our country we find ourselves on a powder keg. What happened in Viña could be repeated in many places, so the call for responsibility is very important,” added the president.

Furthermore, Boric stressed the need to concentrate efforts on full fire control, avoiding “fights for visibility” and trying to “support families in whatever they need”.

“We are working with the prosecutor’s office and the PDI to establish whether or not there was intentionality. If there is intentionality, we will move seas, seas and seas to find those responsible”, said the Chilean president.

“It was like they dropped a bomb”

The passage of Puerto Williams, in the area of ​​the south dam of Forestal Alto, one of the most densely populated hills of Viña de Mar, has almost completely disappeared.

“My mother lived here with my brother and she lost everything, like all the neighbours. Their lives are safe and we will have to start over like 23 years ago, from scratch and get back up. Here are 35 families who lost their homes in the transition I don’t know if it could have been avoided, it’s like they dropped a bomb,” said neighbor Verónica Figueroa EFE extension.

“We are on Christmas Eve and it is heartbreaking to know the story of the families who have lost practically everything. (…) Solidarity Christmas dinners are being organized (…) They have coordinated with the regional and Interior delegate to agree an exclusion perimeter in which only emergency cars or those who go to collect rubble can enter”, said the minister of social development, Giorgio Jackson, in charge of coordinating aid.

“More than 70 Social Development-certified public officials are registering today, by early tomorrow morning, to get a report on affected families and to send resources,” he added.

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