Onemi reports forest fire in Viña del Mar is ‘controlled’, although it maintains a red alert

Despite maintaining the red alert, the National Emergency Office (Onemi), according to information provided by the National Forestry Corporation (Conaf), has reported that the forest fire in the municipality of Viña del Mar in the “Nueva Esperanza” is ” under control” after having consumed about 111 hectares.

Regarding the affection resulting from this fire, the community teams remain in the field assessing the affection to people and damage to homes in the sector, for which information can be updated within the day, two deaths are currently reported, 67 injured and 270 homes with damages being assessed.

“The level of damage to these homes will be confirmed after the Basic Emergency File Collection (FIBE) is complete,” Onemi says.

In relation to connectivity, the Agua Santa variant, between Route 60 CH and Álvarez street, maintains entry restrictions for unauthorized civilians in sectors close to sources of active fires.

In view of this context, the regional presidential delegation of Valparaíso, based on technical information from CONAF and in coordination with the ONEMI regional directorate, maintains the red alert for the municipality of Viña del Mar due to forest fires, currently in force . December 22nd.

In addition, it maintains the state of constitutional exception of catastrophe for public calamity, for the municipality of Viña del Mar, in force since December 23rd.

Onemi reports that yesterday, December 23, a coordination meeting was held at the command post set up in the Sausalito stadium, chaired by President Gabriel Boric, with the participation of the ministers of the Interior, Defense, Health, Public Works , Agriculture and Development and family; the Chief of National Defense; the Delegate of the Regional Presidency; Regional Governor of Valparaíso; Mayor of Viña del Mar; representatives of the FACH, Carabineros and the Investigative Police and regional director of ONEMI Valparaíso.

Since the beginning of this emergency, two National Committees for the Management of Disaster Risks (COGRID) have been set up, chaired by the Minister of the Interior and the Undersecretary of the Interior. Likewise, at the regional level, 3 regional COGRIDs were convened, led by the Regional Presidential Delegate of Valparaíso and the Minister of the Interior.

The municipality of Viña del Mar maintains the Colegio de República del Ecuador, located at Calle Etchervers N° 115, as its collection center. In addition, the municipality maintains the hostel Hotel O’Higgins, located at Plaza Sucre, where there has been a participation of 33 people.

Finally, the interregional support efforts of the Fire Brigade of the Metropolitan Region, Chilean Navy personnel (UFAR) and Chilean Army personnel (UFE) continue.

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