President Boric says that “a very individualistic logic has been imposed on Congress” after the unsuccessful appointments of La Moneda as national prosecutor

Expressing his concern and concern about the matter, the President Gabriel Borico He referred to the inconclusive election of the next national prosecutor, after the Senate twice rejected the candidates proposed by La Moneda.

The government failed to commit the necessary votes and Congress rejected Marta Herrera and José Morales, who were preparing to lead the public prosecutor, at a time when security is manifesting itself as a priority for citizens.

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“Yes, it worries me because if we talk about what citizens are most concerned about (security) and all the institutions are unable to find an agreement to be able to offer solutions, finally the trust that is already weakened in the institutions themselves, for this I ask the Senate to have responsibility on this issue and we can make decisions together”, said the President, in an interview with Financial diary.

The Head of State underlined that in the first ballot the Government obtained 31 votes and in the second 26, assessing that the ruling party “voted practically aligned”. He recalled that there have been two disagreements between Senators Pedro Araya and (Alfonso) de Urresti, and he assured that it is not necessary that the governing coalition is not in harmony. “I don’t see it as a defeat for the Government, it’s something that damages the institutional framework of the Prosecutor’s Office. It was a mistake, a deviation from the process and I hope we will fix it in the short term,” he said.

President Gabriel Boric was emphatic in underlining that “none of the candidates of the team that the Supreme Court proposed to the executive had guaranteed votes”, while he stated that they have had a permanent dialogue all this time and acknowledged that “unfortunately not there have not been a vision that, from my point of view, puts the common good of the institutions above the private discussions of parliamentarians”.

In any case, for the President, “there is a deeper reflection to be made” and that is that “we cannot take democracy for granted. We must try to strengthen it”.

“Unfortunately in recent times in Parliament there has been a tendency towards disintegration, dispersion, rather than unity around long-term political projects. A very individualistic logic has prevailed which is harmful”, he said.

Gabriel Boric also addressed the government’s role in the new constituent process, assuring that “I don’t pretend to be a leading actor”.

“The government’s role is to govern. And the best way to partner with the constitutional process is in security challenges, rising cost of living, pensions. Government doesn’t have to be at the top or key in the constitutional process, we had a collaborative and accompanying role for the agreement to be reached in port and that is already on track,” he said.

Finally he reiterated that “now the parliamentarians have to solve it, I do not claim to have a leading role in the constituent debate because my role is different: it is to be in what is urgent for citizenship”.

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Ahead of the retrial that begins this week, Senator and committee head of the Social Green Regionalist Federation (FRVS), Esteban Velasquez, argued that the Supreme Court must complete the process and make an effort again for the National Prosecutor to be finally appointed, in this third attempt. However, he said, “ways and commitments must be sought so that the appointment procedures of this type of authority do not have any nuance of trite act such as the one that could be understood after the well-known precedents on the favors that were requested so that the outgoing Abbott prosecutor could make that shit up.”

For his part, DC Senator Iván Flores believed that in order to unblock the election of the new prosecutor and make the changes requested by the Public Prosecutor, “the best possible figure” is, at this moment, “a transitional prosecutor of agreement”. As he said Cooperative, the legislator of Los Ríos is in favor of the appointment of the current surrogate national prosecutor, Juan Agustín Meléndez, since “he has been cornered and has not received any kind of public criticism”. Otherwise he asks to go «to another name that is sought, of consensus».

Meanwhile, UDI Senator Iván Moreira said that “today we are in a real crisis”. “We are not looking at political color, as the government is doing, but rather at the efficiency that candidates can have”, asked the union legislator, specifying that in his party “we will vote for a person who is not politically contaminated”.

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