Senator Bianchi confirms the indications for the reform that implements the constitutional agreement: “I fear that what will come out of Congress will be a boomerang for Chile”

“We will present indications to improve the constitutional reform and these indications will go in the right direction, which is the exact opposite of what the political parties indicate”, condemned the independent senator of the Magallanes region, Karim Bianchi, in a statement.

The legislator indicated that “it can only be a President of the Republic to say that no matter how imperfect it is to continue advancing with something forced, what must be done is to respond to the need for changes that Chile has”.

“I am afraid that what will come out of the Congress will be a boomerang for Chile, and then they will still blame us for a process that has already failed. And I don’t know if the country has the possibility of enduring another failure,” stressed the MP.

Meanwhile, with regard to the battery of indications that will be presented in coordination with the Chamber of Deputies, Senator Bianchi explained that “we must rectify that the 24 experts appointed by hand by the political parties on duty have control of the process from the beginning to end .

“They cannot be responsible for drafting and subsequently correcting the draft of the new Constitution, thus delegitimizing the election of councilors by the citizens”, added the representative of Magallanes.

Furthermore, Senator Bianchi explained that the Constituent Councilors must be held responsible in their respective districts both for their commitment and for the progress of the Council, to avoid the repetition of scenarios such as those that occurred during the previous congress.

“We must also review the quorums to reject the proposals of the committee of experts (2/3), in the current constitution the super quorums have been eliminated because they block reforms, for the same reason citizens have the right to have their representatives have a valuable vote,” he added.

Furthermore, the legislator has indicated that progress should be made in the participation rights for independent candidates, designing a participation formula that gives them the same conditions as parties.

Bianchi argued that the parties have devoted a large section of the reform to regulating electoral financing, with compulsory voting and with a formula that will help them recoup most of public funds. “This process cannot be turned into an ATM for the parties.”

“We will deepen the prohibitions for the exercise of public offices for Administrators and we will substantially review the number of “experts” and their election formula”, he added.

Bianchi finally underlined that “this constitutional reform project has exacerbated the paternalism of the political parties that signed the agreement. “The expert council is only a facade to be able to control the content of the newly established draft. In short, it is a question of a staging of the parties, which will not give time spaces or attributions to develop the original constituent power».

It is worth remembering that this Monday the process of the constitutional reform that enables the new constituent process will begin and although it could be an accelerated debate in the Senate, the scenario in the Chamber would be different, since the part of the opposition that did not sign the “Agreement for Chile” is already preparing the offensive to make the debate more complex, through indications and other types of tools that can be used.

“We will not give our permission to urgently work out political reform at the expense of security reforms. We will use all the tools that the regulations, the Constitution and laws give us, and we will give our favor to vote to urgently address security issues in meetings of committee, but not for this political reform,” he said emol the head of the republican bench, José Meza.

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