The La Moneda Cultural Center opens the application process for the position of executive director

The Cultural Center is in the process of announcing a competition to define its Executive Management. The proposal, promoted by the Board of Directors of the CCLM Foundation, seeks to find a leadership that is in constant dialogue with the workers of the Cultural Centre, other related organizations and the community.

After six months of work, the Board of Directors of the Palacio La Moneda Cultural Center Foundation has opened the application procedure for the position of Executive Director, whose first phase of the competition will last until January 16, 2023.

The announcement, available on the website of the La Moneda Cultural Center, was opened once the Vision/Mission of the Cultural Center was updated, drawn up by the Board of Directors after a process of dialogue and listening with the operators of the CCLM. With this key information as a basis for the present and future of the Cultural Center, the competition seeks to find leadership that helps build cultural spaces that make sense of community, that are open and friendly, welcoming diversity of expressions cultures that coexist in our territories.

“These six months have been full of intense observation and listening work. The La Moneda Cultural Center has a history and prestige to take charge of, but at the same time requires constant dialogue with the cultural and territorial contexts that define it. For this reason it was essential that, before launching the competition for the election of a new executive management of this centre, meetings were held with the workers of the CCLM, to gather their point of view on what this place is and can be. Only then and with this information as a basis can we open the call today to lead this project,” explains Antonella Estévez Baeza, president of the board of directors of the CCLM.

Established in June 2022, the board of directors also consists of Denise Elphic Zúñiga, Eduardo Feuerhake Agüero, Óscar Núñez Cárcamo, Constanza Symmes Coll (directors), Alan Trampe Torrejón (secretary) and Erwan Varas Dulac (vice-president).

“Another area that has kept the board busy since its appointment has been improving conditions for CCLM workers. Together with the union, we have developed lines of work because we are sure that the dignity of cultural workers is the foundation from which culture must develop”, completes Antonella Estévez Baeza.

Applicants must have a professional qualification or an academic qualification, a career of at least eight semesters, issued by a University or a Professional Institute recognized by the Ministry of Education, desirable, in areas related to cultures, arts , goods, human and social sciences.

In addition, an advanced level of English will be required and fluency in another language is desirable. It is also considered desirable to have specialized studies and work experience in areas relevant to the culture and functions to be performed in general of the position, details of which are available in the bases.

The application process will be managed through an external consultancy firm, in charge of receiving the requested information. In the same way, the selected candidates will be interviewed and assessed for skills, with the possibility of also carrying out some specific tests, based on the skills required.

“We are very excited about the possibility that people from different backgrounds and worlds can consider becoming part of this project, which seeks to update the role of this space based on cultural rights and cultural democracy,” concludes Antonella Estévez Baeza. .

The basics of the application for the position of Executive Director of the CCLM, are available on the website of the Centro Cultural La Moneda.

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