Ginette Acevedo and Julio Zegers are recognized by SCD as a fundamental figure of Chilean music

The title of Fundamental figure of Chilean music, the most relevant musical distinction granted by SCD, has already found its destination for its corresponding award for the year 2022, which, remarkably, will not go to just one artist, but to two: the outstanding national singers Ginette Acevedo and Julio Zegers.

The decision was made by the board of directors of the Chilean Society of Musical Authors and Performers (SCD), the body charged with choosing the winner each season, based on aspects such as their career, significance and relevance in local music.

Speaking of this surprising determination, the president of SCD, Rodrigo Osorio, states that “the deliberations of the Council regarding the definition of the fundamental figure of Chilean music are always very profound, and this time was no exception. We have had an enrichment that ended up coming together in this very unusual decision and that none of us expected at the beginning, like the choice of two figures as fundamental”.

“We have come to the conclusion that both Ginette and Julio are musicians whose merits make them more than worthy of this recognition and we are very happy with the decision made, not only because we are rewarding two different figures, each with their own history and our own paths, but because by recognizing these artists, who have made such a relevant contribution to the music of our country, we are also demonstrating the richness and diversity of Chile’s musical heritage,” added Osorio.


Ginette Acevedo began her musical career in the 60s and soon became one of the most appreciated figures of our scene, hand in hand with a repertoire that has progressively established itself in national and Latin American folklore. She was thus able to project her career in countries such as Peru, Venezuela, Mexico and, above all, Argentina, where she lived for six years and even became part of her film industry. Various pieces managed to be successful in her voice, although there was one that will mark her particularly: “La Torcacita”, a song with which she won the Viña del Mar Festival in 1971 and whose title would also become her same nickname as hers.

“I am infinitely honored to receive this award and it is wonderful that it happens right now, as it coincides with this month in which I celebrate my 60 years of artistic life, a beautiful career crowned with many successes, both here in Chile and abroad, and that it was sweeter than sweet,” Acevedo said visibly moved upon learning of the distinction, which also comes at a time when the singer is writing a book of her memoirs.

Julio Zegers, on the other hand, is a singer-songwriter who contributed emblematic themes to the local songbook, becoming a fundamental part of the national soundtrack between the 70s and 80s. With “Canción a Magdalena” he managed to prevail at the Viña del Mar Festival in 1970, an achievement that he will repeat in 1973 with “Los Pasajeros”, leaving in second place none other than “Laisse-moi le temps”, a theme that will later become universal with the title “Let my try again”, in the voice of Frank Sinatra.

Zegers says receiving the call from the president of SCD who broke the news of the distinction left him “very impressed”.

“Things have happened to me that I never thought would happen to me, and one of them is this. When I see those who have been key figures before, I’m very happy that they nominated me too. I never thought I could receive recognition like this , since what I composed is not so widespread anymore and I thought that most of my compositions could remain without young musicians to hear them, and maybe reinterpret them one day,” he said.

The Fundamental Figure of Chilean Music Award is awarded annually by SCD and since its inception in 1988 it has become one of the most important recognitions of the music industry in our country. Artists such as Jorge González, Cecilia, Los Jaivas, Palmenia Pizarro, Lucho Gatica, Patricio Manns, Margot Loyola and Vicente Bianchi, are some of those who have received the award now held by Ginette Acevedo and Julio Zegers, who will receive a tribute whose features are to be announced soon.

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