La Moneda condemns the “funas” to the parties and to Cristián Warnken: “They will never be supported by our government”

The Government has condemned the “funas” that some politicians have suffered, in the context of the discussion for the new constituent process. Among them is literature professor and leader of Chile’s Yellow movement — a fledgling party that gained strength after the Sept. 4 Rejection triumph — Cristián Warnken, who this week learned how a group of cyclists arrived up to his house to face him.

“This is deplorable and reprehensible,” said the spokeswoman for La Moneda, minister Camila Vallejo, arguing that “political differences are not resolved with acts of violence or positions are gained with these acts of violence, even if one can legitimately have a citizen discrepancy, a criticism of the position of a party, movement or political referent”.

“Whoever it is, it will never be supported by our government, but on the contrary,” said the head of the General Secretariat of Government (Segegob).

Minister Vallejo added that “we are now in a very constructive state of mind”, after the National Congress approved the idea of ​​legislating the project that enables the new constituent process and, for now, he said, “this path that is advancing has significant support because that is how politics is done”.

We recall that on the afternoon of Monday December 26, in a caravan, a group of cyclists —who demonstrated en masse in favor of Approve in the previous constituent process— crossed several points in Santiago, Providencia and Vitacura. They cycled to the headquarters of the Socialist Party and the Radical Party, in Santiago, with the slogan “Assembly 100% elected or nothing” which was even stamped on the walls of the buildings of both parties. Then they went to Providencia, to the UDI headquarters and to some television channels, to then arrive at the home of Amarillos’ representative for Chile, Cristián Warnken.

As stated Radio DNACaptain William Enríquez, from the Oriente Metropolitan Prefecture, explained: “Within this whole shift there were some striped ones, with their own slogans, and then that’s where they were intercepted on the outskirts of Channel 13, where they they were preparing to make some kind of scratch, in which case identity checks are carried out and the arrest of subjects who have started throwing blunt objects at Carabineros personnel is obtained.

The carabineros arrested three cyclists for throwing blunt objects and one for refusing an identity check.

From Amarillos they condemned the incident, describing the “funa” as “political bullying”. “These manifestations of violence, cancellation and cowardice are the reasons that give strength and meaning to our movement. They will not scare us,” they said in a statement.

Warnken, in conversation with ex ante, reported that he was in the south at the time, but he knew everything from his neighbors. “Fortunately, my son who lives and studies there wasn’t either. Look, a group of cyclists suddenly appeared, about 60, 70; it’s a small square and there were some children playing”, said the academic . And he added: “They stopped in front of my house and there they started calling me at the top of their voices, yelling for me to get out, to get out. They hung up a sheet with the words ‘100% elected constitution or nothing’. And they scratched ‘fascists, murderers ‘, etc., with worse insults and they threw coal saying ‘we will burn them fascists'”.

“This is fascism pure and hard,” said Cristián Warnken.

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