The government will deposit a bonus to families affected by the fire in Viña del Mar

Along with the request for a report to the Ministry of Public Works on the removal of the rubble, the Undersecretary of the Interior, Manuel Monsalve, provided details of a bonus that will be given this week for those affected by the forest fire in Viña del Mar and which corresponds to the amount of 1.5 million pesos.

According to Monsalve, “85% of families will be able to receive this immediate help”, with resources that “are deposited in their accounts”.

The undersecretary specified that “the maximum amount of the recovery bond delivered by the governments has reached one million and 200 thousand pesos”, but that today “the President has instructed us to increase the amount, collecting the increases in the CPI for the year 2021 and 2022”.

“The government is acting promptly, the land registry is already in place, resolutions will be issued during this week and we have also instructed the director of the National Disaster Prevention and Response Service to speed up the delivery of emergency accommodation,” Monsalve said.

For his part, the Minister of Social Development, Giorgio Jackson, explained that the voucher will be delivered to the families who have come to fill out the FIBE file, which is the basic emergency file, and will be delivered based on the destruction suffered by your house or its characteristics.

«This does not pass through the socio-economic qualification, this does not pass through the Social Registry, but through the fact of having had an accident at home. So let’s look at the pay slips, because they are all self-certified, therefore certain information to be able to deliver this aid as soon as possible, which is deposited directly into the families’ Rut accounts”, underlined Minister Jackson.

“We are clear where the 280 houses are and the characteristics of the property, and more or less the characteristics of the damage in the neighborhoods, because it is not only the house, but also the environment,” added Housing and Urban Planning Minister Carlos Montes. .

Senator Lagos Weber welcomed the announcement of the Reconstruction Bond

Senator for the Valparaíso region, Ricardo Lagos Weber, appreciated the government’s announcement to deliver a Reconstruction Bond of one and a half million pesos to the families who were affected by the great fire that hit the upper part of Viña del Mar, in the middle of last week, underlining that the Executive should concentrate aid on the recovery of property lost in the accident.

The parliamentarian assured that “once the emergency has been controlled, it is time to continue with the process of removing the rubble to start the reconstruction of the houses”. pesos announced this Monday by the Undersecretary of the Interior, i.e. with daily support measures, aid for clothing, footwear and goods because everything has been lost: refrigerators, washing machines, beds, kitchens, etc., and therefore, which must be replaced, regardless of what will be rebuilt,” he said.

According to Senator Lagos Weber, the government should provide more “direct” support to the reconstruction of these houses, either through amounts for self-construction, or through companies that can do this work. However, it is also necessary to have with a person or presidential delegate , with exclusive dedication to help these 300 or 400 Viñamarina families”.

Finally, the representative of the Region of Valparaíso recalled that as an authority “we have experience in this: the mega fire of Valparaíso in 2014, has provided us with all the knowledge on how to deal with these emergencies. The fire has been dealt with well, the deployment of the government and the municipality has been effective these days, the neighbors and the volunteers are working, and what is required now, for those affected by the fire in Viña, is the effective government support with concrete measures”, culminated.

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