Juan Mihovilovich’s “Uterus”: a life with pain and learning, with questions and losses

The book “Útero” by Juan Mihovilovich, Zuramérica 2020 publishing house, is an invitation with 54 chapters and one hundred and ninety-seven pages, to accompany the author on the journey of his life. A life with pain and learning, with questions and losses.

I have always liked autobiographies for this reason to learn about a life or part of it, learn about the protagonist’s achievements, his struggles, his tastes and all the relevant events experienced by their authors. In those works the events had a chronology, a sequence that proceeds linearly.

In this novel the narration is different, in it we witness the interpretation of the experiences of the adult, of the dreams of the adolescent or of the fantasies of the child in a feeling transformed by life itself. We therefore witness a unique interpretation of what has been experienced, a testimony that is built with the complicity of the reader. Because the way of narrating is poetic and flows from the book page to the soul of the reader.

Chapter XLVI, “Last night I dreamed of chrysalises…” makes us move to the author’s place of confinement in the Magallanes region and long to look at what he looks at, and feel it in a drop of rain hitting the windows the whole world can be Milky Way, make you want to interrupt his literary retreat and knock on his door to give him the hug he expects. The journey to which this book is invited becomes our own journey of reviewing what we have suffered and longed for. From what we have learned.

“Útero” is a novel in which feelings and experiences overlap, in an intimate and symbolic narrative, which transports us to our own existence, to our alternative present. Beyond what we do to survive every day. We are then active witnesses of a life that they want to tell us when the author returns to his “Ithaca”. Frankly, with pain, with confessions. A journey towards the origin that can only be made starting from what has been experienced, from the path undertaken. For this reason, rather than autobiography or memoirs, it is how the author interprets, imagines and feels that his life has been, after decades of existence. Decades in which it has substantially changed and so has the world around us.

This book delves very intimately into the duels and losses of the author/character and even if they are personal stories, it generates an empathy, an echo in the reader, who recognizes his own feelings in many of these pieces-reflections. There are simply masterful chapters in which we are shown wonderful scenes in the midst of the author’s reflections, allowing us to see and feel him. In short, we know the character / author as if we had lived with him a part of his life, and these letters, his thoughts, his statements and questions of him stay with the reader much longer than it takes to scroll through the book. ‘last page.

Data sheet:

Author: Juan Mihovilovich
Publisher: Zuramérica
Year: 2020
Number of pages: 197

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