LAB Escénico celebrates 10 years with workshops, conferences and a tribute to Guillermo “Willy” Ganga

A decade that opens spaces for training, reflection and meeting between artists, students and the public. LAB Escénico, the training and artistic exchange program, returns as part of the 30th anniversary of the International Theater Festival in Mil.

Interviews, conferences, workshops, master classes, residencies, decentralization and art in childhood are just some of the fronts that LAB Escénico is preparing this summer.

This year’s 2023 festival honoree, Guillermo “Willy” Ganga, who has spent 44 years developing a career as a production designer, will have a special place in the programming.

Ganga will be part of the Master Class section with a masterclass in which she traces her career and work, on January 11 at 11:00 in room A1 of the GAM. In addition, she will be part of Contingent Conversations, presenting La trastienda del Teatro Itinerante de los 70, together with Norma Norma Ortiz and Javier Ibacache, on January 13 at 11:00 in the GAM Conference Room. Both activities are free and open to the public upon registration.

public forum

A space for conversation and exchange of ideas will debut with the Great Interviews, together with the acclaimed British choreographer Akram Khan (January 6, virtual), the Chilean artist Mon Laferte (January 6 on GAM) and the American dance company Bandaloop (12 January at the North American Institute).

The Conversations Contingent panel lineup will include names like Mable Preach, Evalyn Parry and Paula González in the Ancestral Futures debate (January 7 at GAM); Local activisms for a global change will bring together the Kory Warmis with LasTesis (January 17 at GAM); Sun & Sea will speak at the Ópera about the environmental collapse together with the biologist Cristina Dorador, the visual artist Denise Lira and Julieta Martínez, from Tremendas.

Criticism will have a space in Three decades of theater criticism (January 19 in GAM); Patricio Fernández, Kathya Araujo and Juan Pablo Luna will shape the panel 50 years after the coup (January 19); The study Effects of the International Theater Festival in Mil on social welfare and the economy, carried out by the Center for Public Policies of the Catholic University, will be presented during the panel The role of festivals and public policies in culture (January 20 in GAMMA) .

Similarly, directors Jorge Alí Triana and Jesús Urquieta will review their methodologies in Regia in Latin America today (January 20 at GAM); and the closing will be given by Constanza Michelson and Paz López together with Nona Fernández rethinking the living arts after the pandemic and the digital boom (January 25 at the Ñuñoa Literary Space).

Laboratory releases

On January 4, as part of LAB Escénico, the premiere of Ñi pu tremen: La película, by Paula González Seguel and Maríafernanda Altamirano Fernández will take place. The appointment is at 18:30 in the Sala della Cineteca of the La Moneda Cultural Center (free upon registration). Another presentation will be that of Lorena Vega’s book, Imprenteros, on 16 January at the GAM Conference Room at 11:30 (activity open to all upon registration).

Furthermore, as every year, the LAB Escénico workshops will take place. The Pau Aran course will be held on 6 and 7 January; Mable Preach will do the same on the 6th at the Escuela Moderna de Danza; Bandaloop will also hold his class on January 9 at the Gathering Village; Cristiana Morganti will hold a workshop for actors and dancers at the Escuela Moderna de Danza from 9 to 11 January; and the Korean choreographer Eun-Me Ahn, who makes her debut in Chile with Dragons, will arrive with her workshop at the Dance School of the Universidad Academia Humanismo Cristiano on January 19th.

Mimirichi will hold a workshop for adults at the Ñuñoa Cultural Center on January 10 and a children’s version on January 13 at the same venue; Tryo Teatro Banda will educate us on the Art of the minstrel from January 16th to 19th; and the actor Paolo Nani will hold an improvisation and exercises workshop from the 17th to the 19th of the same month.

LasTesis will hold a three module workshop on January 12 at the UC Theater School. In the same place, on January 13, the workshop of the founder of ANTIMÉTODO, Ana Luz Ormazábal will be held; a tour of the city will be experienced in Where are we going?, by Aljioscha Begrich of Rimini-Protokoll, on January 14, departing from the GAM; and Uruguayan creators Ximena Echevarría and Germán Weinber will create their Implosive Laboratory from January 18 to 20 at the Universidad Mayor Theater School.

Many of these artists are repeated in the Masterclass series available over these 10 years of LAB Escénico. An educational prism that also extends to the Residences of Creation managed by Mariano Tenconi, Tamara Cubas and Guy Régis Jr.

small audience

This program will be distributed in 5 municipalities of the Metropolitan Region with a three-part experience: the pre-performance, the participation in the performance and the post-performance. Saurian will be visited by the Small Audiences of La Granja on January 4th; on the 9th it will be the turn of The Incredible Journey of the Galactic Hood in Ñuñoa; Guerra de papel will be visited in Pudahuel on the 13th; Insects in Renca on the 14th; and Jekyll on ice will have small visits on January 17 in Santiago.

In the northern extension of the festival, the Pequeñas Audiencias mediation program will be made together with a group of boys and girls from the Juan Pablo II school in the Población Bonilla sector and the show La Pichintún, sharing January 4 with its director, Mariana Muñoz, to then attend the show on January 5 in the Plaza Bicentenario and culminate the next day with a closing activity. For their part, the Ukrainians from Mimirichi will bring their workshop for boys and girls on January 6 to La Chimba.

The Catalans of Insectotròpics will bring a group of young people closer to work after The Incredible Journey of the Galactic Hood, on January 12 at Parque Croacia. And the actors and actresses of the region will have the opportunity to participate in a workshop held by Marie-Hélene Estienne and Pablo Schwarz, director and actor of the Tempest project, on January 5 and 6 at the Municipal Theater of Antofagasta.

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