MUBI and Cine UC team up for a festival in January, with exclusive previews and competitions

After the last few years of confinement and health restrictions, going back to a cinema is an opportunity to get in touch with giant images and stories of our dimension. And that opportunity will become even more unique this January 13, 2023, with the return of the UC Film Festival to the big screen in Alameda #390.

In this 46th edition – in addition to a free billboard with exclusive previews and a review of Federico Fellini’s work – this festival will also return with a new collaboration, uniting MUBI with the Cine UC experience, through a selection of his latest films and special competitions for the public attending the shows.

“This year we have a great selection of national and international films that favor worldviews away from the more commercial trends and opt for more intimate explorations of the different realities of the contemporary world. They are bets for the visuality of wider universes, more subjective if you want to say, more particular and which seek to highlight the complexity – and also the richness – of the unpredictable”, says Daniela Rosenfeld, director of UC Cultural Extension, and continues going :

“At this 46th UC Film Festival, partnering with MUBI is important, as they offer their audiences a special cinema that puts a twist on pure entertainment. This helps us foster interest in quality programming that helps make people think not only on cinematography but on the values ​​of today’s human being”, says Daniela Rosenfeld.

The four spotlights on the billboard

In this edition of the festival, the freedom of a narrative and aesthetic subjectivity stands out, above cinematographic genres. With this line, the program will have four focuses: “Previews”, with six international (Close, El Agua, The worst person in the world, among others) and four national (Notes for a film, Fever, Ghost Project, The cow singing a song in the future).

Another focus will be a selection with “The best of the year”, which highlights the documentary on David Bowie, Moonage Daydream, and the new collaboration between Timothée Chalamet and director Luca Guadagnino, with the film Bones and All. In addition , the 46th UC Film Festival will have a third of its programming focused on a retrospective of the work of master Federico Fellini. In addition to the iconic La Dolce Vita, it will also include two titles that will hit cinemas in Chile for the first time: Los inútiles and Los payasos.

Among the billboards, MUBI will feature the award-winning Close (winner of the Cannes Grand Prix 2022 and currently shortlisted for Best International Film at the Oscars 2023), as well as Aftersun and Memoria, with a commanding central performance by Tilda Swinton , who takes a journey through the soundscapes of the jungle in Colombia.

“Festivals will always be a special occasion to enhance the cinematic values ​​of the content presented there, and we at MUBI continue to push to bring cinema to more corners and new audiences. Being able to be part of a country’s cultural and audiovisual history will always be an incentive for us, so this kind of collaboration with the UC Film Festival is an example of MUBI’s philosophy, as generators and distributors of content. We are interested in being as close as possible to our audience, listening to them and giving them a place within our action center, and that is why we are sure that this will be a permanent alliance”, says Ricardo Pacheco, MUBI LATAM Distribution La director.

This alliance with MUBI will also mean an additional chance for festival attendees, who will be able to participate in the lottery for free semi-annual subscriptions to this platform, as well as other MUBI-associated contests and gifts during performances.

The 46th UC Film Festival will run until 28 January, with shows kicking off between 4-8pm, again with free admission. In addition to the program of films on display, there will be a fourth focus that will look for another type of filmic connection, experiencing cinema through the experience produced by CEIS 8. This collective – which brings together artists from different disciplines, from dance to poetry -, will have four activities during the festival, highlighting the Expanded Cinema proposition, where there will be a specially recorded piece to be shown as a cinematic performance at the UC Film Festival, with a 16mm disc and multi-projection.

For more information on the lineup, visit the news and announcements at and Cine UC social networks:

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