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National Film Festival

  • National Film Library, La Moneda Cultural Center, La Moneda Metro.
  • from 12 to 19 January
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The eleventh version of the Cineteca Nacional de Chile (FECINA) Festival will take place from January 12 to 19, 2023, with much of its programming and activities in face-to-face format, but also with online exhibitions. In total, more than 40 films will be presented in different slots, accompanied by cinemas, dialogues, clinics and other special activities. The initiative has the support of the Audiovisual Promotion Fund of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities.

FECINA 11 will open with an open-air cinema-concert that includes two milestones of Chilean animated cinema: the only surviving fragments of the pioneering animated film 15 thousand drawings (Carlos Trupp and Jaime Escudero, 1942), together with the lauded and nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Short Film 2022, Bestia (Hugo Covarrubias, 2021), both live musicalized by Ángela Acuña and Felicia Morales.

The activity, released and open to the whole community, will be carried out in collaboration with the Illustrious Municipality of Santiago, within the framework of a collaboration agreement with the La Moneda Cultural Center and with the aim of summoning the residents of Santiago Centro as well as residents of other municipalities.

“Our festival comes face to face and not only do we want the public to return to our halls, but we also want to go and meet them. In this sense we have thought of our outdoor opening, with live music, because we want Chilean cinema to be an experience that goes beyond sitting and watching a film; it is something that unites us, generates identity and community. The complete program has this intention and accounts for the variety, the powerful history of our cinema and the current great moment. In addition, we continue with the online options with regional audiences in mind, because we know that our mission is precisely national,” says Marcelo Morales, director of the Cineteca Nacional.

FECINA 11 also includes a tribute to the emblematic actress Shenda Román; a retrospective of the famous Chilean director Claudio Di Girolamo; two spotlights with important national directors, Marilú Mallet and Germán Bobe; and a selection of Chilean films released in 2022.

In addition, the Cineteca Nacional de Chile will exhibit in its cinema six national films that are preparing their commercial release for 2023. Among them, the documentaries Punto de encuentro (Roberto Baeza), I am a child (Lorena Zilleruelo and Elisa Sepúlveda), Edita (Pamela Pollak) and Zoila (Gabriela Pena), together with the fictional film A show without a show (Alejandro Moreno). Fever (Elisa Eliash) will also be exhibited, a title that combines live action and animation, designed specifically for a family audience.

As part of the closing ceremony, the Cineteca Nacional de Chile Award will be presented to the winning project of the Work in Progress FECINA 11, which includes USD 8,000 in digital laboratory services, together with the presentation for the first time of the restoration of Morir un poco ( Álvaro Covacevich, 1966), recently made in the Cineteca laboratories.

“This WIP award was established with the idea of ​​establishing that the Cineteca Nacional de Chile is not only a space that saves and preserves Chilean cinema, but can also support the production processes themselves. In this sense we think of an audiovisual memory and a broad idea of ​​heritage, also of the past and present. Everything is connected and it is important for us to realize this. Thus, in our laboratory we work both on the restoration of a very important film like Morir un poco, which reflected Chile in the 60s, and on other films that reflect the current moment. In both there is memory and they allow us to see each other as a country ”, completes Morales.

As part of FECINA 11, a series of special activities will be carried out that will accompany the programming of each of the slots of this initiative: a new version of the film appreciation workshop held by journalist and film critic Christian Ramírez; moments of conversation around the cinema starring Shenda Román and the work of Claudio Di Girolamo; cinema premiere 2023; clinics with Germán Bobe and Ángela Acuña on making video clips and film soundtracks respectively; and an optical toy workshop.

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