The work “Patagonia” receives an award in Spain and will be premiered in Buenos Aires

Released worldwide in March 2022, Patagonia It was the first post-pandemic opera to debut in Chile. The creation of Sebastián Errázuriz, directed by Marcelo Lombardero, marked the first co-production between the Teatro Biobío and the Teatro del Lago, an alliance that has yielded important results.

Patagonia tells the story of Hernando de Magallanes’ passage through South America from the point of view of the Aonikkenk people. The opera, with a libretto by Rodrigo Ossandón, had its world premiere in two theaters in the south, the Teatro del Lago and the Teatro Biobío, and had a season at the Municipal Theater of Las Condes in October 2022. On December 23 meanwhile, the Teatro Nacional Cervantes in Buenos Aires has announced the programming of Patagonia into its 2023 season, which will have shows in September.

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“We embarked on the co-production of Patagonia together with the Teatro del Lago because we are a theater committed to national creation and looking for new opportunities for the development of artistic projects that pass through the Biobío Theater. The management of this tour will allow Chilean artists to represent our country in Argentina with a history and production that binds us and, on the other hand, the work will continue to be a contribution for Biobío to position itself as a pole of scenic creation for the Chile and the world. . In its national trajectory – in Frutillar, Concepción and Santiago–, the technical team of the Teatro Biobío has acquired new tools and professional experiences, which it will be able to enrich even more when we travel to Buenos Aires,” says Francisca Peró, executive director of the Teatro Biobio.

In addition to public and critical acclaim, the opera premiered in Santiago and was awarded the Best New Latin American Production Award, given by Ópera XXI and Ópera Latinoamérica. In September 2023, meanwhile, Patagonia will have its international premiere at the Teatro Nacional Cervantes (TNC) in Buenos Aires.

“We decided to schedule the opera Patagonia in the CNT for various reasons: for its condition as a Chilean-Argentine artistic project, which unites Chile and Argentina in a common work; for the possibility of joining brother theaters such as the Biobío Theater and the Lago Theater; for its theme, for bringing back memories of the Aonikkenk people and saving the heritage and culture of the original peoples; for the artistic excellence of the creative team and performers, both Chilean and Argentinian; for his reflection on colonialism based on the memory of the experience of Magallanes and Pigafetta; for the role that history assigns to women,” says Gladis Contreras, director of the Teatro Nacional Cervantes.

The announcement of the international premiere of Patagonia coincides with the recognition of the Chilean-Argentine production with the Best New Latin American Production Award, one of the categories of the Ópera XXI Awards. This prize is awarded by the organization of theatres, festivals and opera seasons in Spain, Ópera XXI, in collaboration with Ópera Latinoamérica.

“First work Patagonia in Argentina it is an important milestone for the Teatro del Lago, as it is a production that has met with great success for all involved. It is an opera directed by the Argentine Marcelo Lombardero, which tells the passage of Hernando de Magallanes through South America from a territorial perspective, so it makes perfect sense to open it at the Teatro Cervantes. Together with the prize awarded by Ópera XXI, it represents the culmination of an emblematic work, with a very current theme and with music composed by a great composer and renowned Chilean musician, such as Sebastián Errázuriz. We hope it is as successful as it was in Chile and that the Argentinean audience does not miss this successful production,” says João Aboim, director of Art & Education at Teatro del Lago.

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