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Inverness band in Valdivia

  • Casa Castaño, Los Castaños 30, Valdivia.
  • Thursday 2 February – 9.00pm
  • Tickets: $5,000 here.

The band belonging to the Chilean alternative rock movement begins its year with a tour that will visit several cities in the country in the months of January and February.

“Gira Distante” is part of the launch of the documentary “Mundos Suspendidos”, directed by director Sebastián Arriagada. This work explores the genesis of “Fuegos Distantas”, the second album of Inverness, and gives an insight into the expectations of its members during the promotion of said album and with the trip to a major festival in the United States and the subsequent reality shock that it forced them to rethink some concepts such as success and celebrity on the one hand and perseverance and integrity on the other.

The band will premiere live the third single ‘Territorio’, part of their new album “La Piedad de los Paisajes” which will be released this year. This new preview sees the extraordinary participation of the musician Carlos Cabezas (Appliances). The tour will pass through Santiago, Valparaíso, Valdivia, Temuco and Concepción where they will also review their discography.

As for the documentary, it has the participation of some people close to the band such as Alfredo Lewin, journalists Marisol García and Pía Vargas, director Matías Bize or even some historical followers of Inverness. The documentary will have its exclusive premiere in the regions, starting with Valparaíso, at Espacio la Compañía and then through the cities where they are part of the tour.

About Inverness

Inverness is a band belonging to the Chilean alternative rock movement, formed in Santiago in 2009. To date, they have released four studio albums: “Illuminaciones” (2009), “Fuegos Distantes” (2011), “Sól” (2014) and “Después de Mañana” (2016), an album where they collaborated with Neil Halstead of Slowdive for the single ‘Luz Ignota’.

The band has been recognized by several music critics and has had nominations for the Pulsar Awards. From 2018 to present they have released a series of singles in advance of what will be their fifth studio album. Inverness has also been recognized overseas and has participated in various international festivals, touring North and South America such as the United States, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina.

In parallel, the band worked on the soundtracks of “La Vida de los Peces” (winner of the Goya for best Ibero-American film 2011) and “La Memoria del Agua”, film by director Matías Bize.

The fifth studio album of the band, “La Piedad de los Paisajes”, will be released in 2023. Two singles have already been released from this work: “Continental” and “Obscvr”; The video clip of this latest single has won important national and international awards, including the awards for the best video clip script at the InEdit Chile Festival, the best national video clip at the Felina 2022 National and International Film Festival, the best animated short film at FICCSUR and Best Music Video at Indie For You FilmFest 2022.

Inverness – “Away” Tour..

Saturday 21 January, 21:00
SCD Bellavista Room – $6,000.
Ticket sales through Eventrid systems:

Friday 27 January, 9.00pm
Espacio La Compañía, Eusebio Lillo 409, Valparaiso – $5,000.
Ticket sales at: distant

I fear:
Friday 3 February, 8.30pm
Bar Hangar 18, Aldunate 443, Temuco – $5,000.
Ticket sales through: distant

Saturday 4 February, 00:00
Casa de Salud, Brasil 574, Concepción – Free admission before midnight.

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