Quilicura Festival Teatro Juan Radrigán

Quilicura Festival Teatro Juan Radrigán

  • 16 sectors of Quilicura (seven venues: Cancha Colonia, Municipal Cultural Center, Valle Lo Campino, Cancha Santa Luisa, Villa Santa María, Municipal Sports Center and Luis Cruz Martínez School + 8 squares and fields and 1 street show).
  • From 4 to 29 January.
  • Free entry.
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A new version of the “Quilicura Teatro Juan Radrigán” Festival will begin on Wednesday, January 4. There will be 29 plays and 39 performances for all ages taking place across 16 sectors of the council until Sunday 29 January, positioning itself as one of the largest free performing arts gatherings in the country.

The renowned festival organized annually by the Municipality of Quilicura in collaboration with its Cultural Corporation will this time present theatre, dance, music and science, exhibiting outstanding works such as Temis (January 5), Pedro, Juan and Diego (January 8). , The sea in the wall (January 11) and Girls and Boys (January 13), as well as other shows such as the humorous show of Felipe Avello (January 18), dance with the famous dancers Power Peralta (January 28) and a Colloquy with the astronomer José Maza (January 6).

The mayor of Quilicura, Paulina Bobadilla, underlined that “we are proud to be able to once again organize this festival, an event that has been held free of charge in the municipality for more than 30 years, positioning itself as one of the most awaited summer panoramas. In Quilicura we are convinced that art is a fundamental part of human development and is essential for the progress of society, for this reason we will continue to work with determination to bring culture closer to the neighborhoods, where everyone can access high-level shows, without having to invest part of your budget into it”.

The works that the participants will be able to admire feature exceptional casts, composed of famous actors and actresses of the national scene, including Gaby Hernández, Gabriel Cañas, Alejandro Goic, Sigrid Alegría, Emilia Noguera, Paula Sharim, Antonia Zegers, Matías Oviedo, Magdalena Müller, Paulina Urrutia, Gloria Benavides, Gloria Münchmeyer, Coca Guazzini, Paty Rivadeneira, Nona Fernández, Mario Horton, Tamara Acosta, Claudia Di Girolamo and Pablo Schwarz.

In addition, this year’s programming was chosen for the first time in collaboration with a Citizens Program Committee made up of Council residents, who visited various theaters during 2022 to help select works for the bill. “As the Office of the Citizen Mayor, we believe it is essential that the participation of the residents of the municipality is not limited only to being spectators of the festival, but that they are also involved in the choice of what we will present this year, which helps build more participatory and democratic spaces ”, explained the mayor.

Like every year, the production of the event pays tribute to Juan Radrigán, the playwright who gives the competition its name and who was part of the Cultural Corporation of the municipality until his death in 2016. In this edition, the tribute will be with his opera “La felicidad de los García”, performed by the Company of the Municipal Theater of Quilicura under the direction of Gonzalo Pinto.

50 years after the coup

On the occasion of the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the military coup in the country, the organization has included five works on the bill to pay tribute to the victims of the military dictatorship: Pedro, Juan and Diego (January 8), one of the most emblematic performances of the Teatro Ictus, which deals with employment programs between 1970 and 1980; Oleaje (January 29) produced and directed by Constanza Thümler and Angelo Olivier in co-production with the Quilicura Cultural Corporation, and dedicated to the communist militant Marta Ugarte Román; The Fascist Lover (January 20), released in 2010 and re-released in 2022, starring Paulina Urrutia; Project Diablo (January 14), monologue on Social Outbreak released in 2021; and The Boyfriend’s Suit (January 14), directed by Héctor Morales and starring Diana Sanz and Guilherme Sepúlveda, which tells the story of the kidnappings of children that took place in Chile during the dictatorship.

Immersive experiences

The festival will have two immersive experiences produced by the Quilicura Cultural Corporation: Limbus (January 19 to 22) invites you to explore the internal mechanisms of the brain that are activated when we learn and get excited, through a montage with three-dimensional images; and Emplanétate, fleeting journey through the universe (January 6 to 8), a visual and sensory experience of the cosmos, where you can learn and play as a family, as well as record the best Instagram photos.

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