These are the 50 best performing schools in SEAP 2022

This Tuesday, the results of the Higher Education Access Test (PAES) in its first year were announced. However, despite being a new test, the trends and differences are similar.

In the case of municipal schools, the average of the mathematics and reading test was 528.8 and 611.2 respectively. In subsidized private establishments it was 643 and 552.9 and in paid individuals it was 749 and 700.5 points.

In the case of the mathematics test, according to El Mercurio, the difference between private and municipal institutions was an average of 171.7 points.

The three establishments with the best scores were Los Andes, The Grange School and Villa María Academy. Only three municipal establishments are among the 50 best. These institutes are the Liceo Augusto D’Halmar de Ñuñoa (15th place), the Liceo Bicentenario de Temuco (40th) and the Colegio de Maipo de Buin (88th).

In detail, the structures with the best score are:

  1. Los Andes, Vitacura (individual for a fee)
  2. The Grange School, La Reina (paid individual)
  3. Villa María Academy, Las Condes (Individual for a fee)
  4. Los Alerces, Lo Barnechea (Individual for a fee)
  5. Cordillera, Las Condes (pay individually)
  6. Tabor and Nazareth, Lo Barnechea (Individual for a fee)
  7. Tabancura, Vitacura (individual for a fee)
  8. Santiago College, Lo Barnechea (Paid Individual)
  9. Lincoln International Academy, Lo Barnechea (individual fee)
  10. Hebrew Institute Dr. Chaim Weizmann-Ort, Lo Barnechea (Paid Individual)
  11. English Institute of Rancagua, Rancagua (Individual for a fee)
  12. Maimonides School, Lo Barnechea (Individual for a fee)
  13. San Miguel Arcángel, Las Condes (pay individually)
  14. San Benito, Vitacura (individual for a fee)
  15. Augusto D’Halmar High School, Ñuñoa (City Hall)
  16. German School, Temuco (Individual for a fee)
  17. Pinares School, Chiguayante (individual for a fee)
  18. Saint George’s College, Vitacura (fee-paying individual)
  19. Cambridge College, Providencia (private for a fee)
  20. Francisco Encina, Ñuñoa (Paid Individual)
  21. La Cruz, Machalí (Individual for a fee)
  22. San Anselmo, Colina (Individual for a fee)
  23. San José, Angol (individual for a fee)
  24. The Newland School, Lo Barnechea (fee-paying individual)
  25. San Francisco de Asís, Las Condes (pay individually)
  26. Nido de Águilas, Lo Barnechea (Individual for a fee)
  27. The Kent School, Providencia (paid individual)
  28. Father Hurtado and Juanita de Los Andes, Las Condes (Paid Individual)
  29. Saint John English School, Rancagua (individual fee)
  30. Cruz del Sur, Punta Arenas (pay individually)
  31. Swiss School of Santiago, Ñuñoa (Paid individual)
  32. College of the Divine Word, Las Condes (Individual for a fee)
  33. Andrée English School, La Reina (Individual for a fee)
  34. San Ignacio El Bosque, Providencia (individual for a fee)
  35. German School of Valparaíso, Viña del Mar (Individual for a fee)
  36. Everest, Lo Barnechea (individual for a fee)
  37. Cumbres, Las Condes (pay individually)
  38. Puerto Montt German Institute, Puerto Montt (individual for a fee)
  39. Puerto Varas School, Puerto Varas (payable individually)
  40. Temuco Bicentennial High School, Temuco (Municipal)
  41. Huelén, Vitacura (individual for a fee)
  42. San José de Chicureo, hill (individual for a fee)
  43. St. Margaret’s British School, Concón (payable individually)
  44. Akros, Ñuñoa (individual for a fee)
  45. Trebulco, Talagante (Individual for a fee)
  46. Santa Úrsula, Vitacura (Individual for a fee)
  47. La Girouette, Las Condes (individual for a fee)
  48. German School of Santiago, Las Condes (payable individually)
  49. The Antofagasta British School, Antofagasta (fee-paying individual)
  50. Lincoln International Academy Valle Norte Chicureo, Colina (fee-paying individual)
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