They capture the son of El Chapo, kill the fugitive “El Neto” and denounce “narcoblockades” in Sinaloa

Ovidio Guzmán, son of drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, was briefly captured by Mexican military police in a residential complex near downtown Culiacán, Sinaloa state, Mexico on October 17, 2019.

“El Neto” dismissal, fulfilled on January 1st

On the other hand, the Mexican police reported that at dawn this Thursday a criminal leader had escaped last Sunday from a prison on the border of Ciudad Juárez after an attack that left 19 dead.

This is Ernesto Piñón, known as “El Neto”, leader of a gang called Los Mexicles, which has been associated with the Sinaloa cartel, and who was among the 25 prisoners who escaped from prison on Sunday. The prosecutor’s office in Chihuahua, where Ciudad Juárez is located, said Piñón died after a firefight with authorities.

In Sinaloa there are armed clashes and “narcoblockades”

The authorities of Culiacán, in the state of Sinaloa, recommended this Thursday January 5 that its population stay at home due to armed clashes that have left burning vehicles, “narcotic blockades”, shootings and car thefts.

“There are several lockdowns going on in the city. Right now the invitation to the public is that if they have nothing to go out with, don’t go out,” Sinaloa Public Security Secretary Cristóbal Castañeda Camarillo said in an interview with the media.

The official said that “assaults, expropriation of vehicles and blockages of avenues” had been reported since the very early hours of Thursday, for which he recommended that the population take refuge in their homes. Faced with these violent acts, the Ministry of Public Education and Culture (SEPyC) of Sinaloa has decided to completely suspend educational and administrative activities in the municipality of Culiacán, the state capital, to safeguard the integrity of students.

Fear of a new “culiacanazo”

Among the versions that have been circulating in the local media is that these events were triggered by the capture of a member of the Sinaloa cartel, although his identity has not been revealed. Asked about the matter during his morning press conference, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador asked reporters to wait.

“Wait,” he said, “we still don’t know how events are in Sinaloa, there is an operation that started at dawn and we will inform you later. This is reported later so that accurate information is available, not we get ahead of ourselves,” he added later.

These events aroused fear among citizens because they recall the controversial “culiacanazo”, an operation in which federal forces arrested Ovidio Guzmán, son of El Chapo, on October 17, 2019, but released him hours later for violent acts in Sinaloa Sign.

At that moment, the security forces found themselves overwhelmed by the violence that the Sinaloa cartel has sown for several hours in Culiacán in the face of information chaos and government silence.

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