Dialogues on music, literature, cinema, society and the environment light up the summer with the Festival de la Academia

Four days of interactive conversations with National Awards, talks on literature, cinema, dance, music and circular economy together with meetings to recover space for urban gardens and storytelling through the centenary tradition of Japanese theater or Kamishibai, brings the Academy Festival between Monday 9 and 13 January.

The artistic and cultural days organized by the Universidad Academia de Humanismo Cristiano will take place on the different campuses of the Providencia and Santiago establishment with free admission.

The program includes exhibitions and activities on social sciences, education, feminism, economic justice, social innovation, public health, art and current affairs.


Ecology and circular economy: new experiences and challenges of living in the area
Monday 9 January, from 10:00

Exhibitors from Chile, Germany, Greece, Mexico and Ecuador, part of the UAHC International Summer Diploma, will share topics on the environment and the circular economy in tune with the climate change contingency and global environmental institutions.

Salvador Allende Auditorium (Condell 343, Providencia).

Discussion “Ontologies of violence, violence of ontology”
Monday 9 January, 11.30am

Conference organized by the UAHC School of Psychology on the nature of violence and its representation in society and the media based on questions such as: is violence a natural manifestation of society or a social effect of nature?
Paulo Freire Auditorium (Condell 343, Providencia).

Conversation “Scenic and audiovisual languages: contemporary narratives”

Monday 9 January, 6.00pm

Along with showcasing the work of dance, film, and theater students, the Dialogue Space will delve into UAHC School of Performing and Audiovisual Arts teachers’ research on dance, visual arts, performance, film, and theater.

Warehouse of the Arts, (Huérfanos 1869).

Panel “Contemporary challenges and social leadership for new ecological and environmental paths”

Tuesday 10 January, 9:00 and 11:00
Speakers from Chile, Germany, Greece, Mexico and Ecuador, part of the UAHC Summer International Diploma, provide reflections on the environmental crisis and the various transformation processes towards sustainable development. The activity will be followed by the recovery of a space as an urban garden, by the delivery of the seedlings to the community of the sector and by a laboratory on the enhancement of self-cultivation.

Paulo Freire Auditorium (Condell 343, Providencia).

Discussion “Impact of a new zero copayment law”

Tuesday 10 January, 11:00

Speech by professors of UAHC health careers on the implications of the new co-payment law for Fonasa beneficiaries, where the invited professors will project the topic from an economic and public health point of view.
Ramón Carnicer 67 (Providence).

Conversation with Tomás Moulian “New readings of the Chilean context”

Tuesday 10 January, 11:00

The UAHC Academic National Humanities and Social Sciences Prize will maintain a close and expository dialogue with the community around Chilean context readings and the challenge for the social sciences.

Salvador Allende Auditorium (Condell 343, Providencia).

Workshop “In the shoes of a visually impaired person”

Tuesday 10 January, 11:00

The UAHC School of Pedagogy of Differential Education and Basic Education will hold a workshop with awareness raising activities on inclusion and visual impairment with empathic dynamics and the presentation of storybooks in Braille made by students, among others.

Room AG-08 (Agustinas 2071, Santiago).

Conversation “Creative processes, heritage and saving arts and crafts”

Tuesday 10 January, 11:00

Meeting aimed at disseminating the work of the Arts and Crafts career based on the work that the students of this professionalizing and heritage protection discipline have carried out in the textile and ceramic lines with different materials. The activity will be followed by a similar conversation on the “Creative Processes of the Career of Design in the Performing Arts”.

Faculty of Arts, Drawing Laboratory Room and H4 Room (Agustinas 2071 and Huérfanos 1869, Santiago).

Debate “Literary avant-garde and education: 100 years of iconic Latin American books”

Tuesday 10 January, 12:00

Starting with the recent celebration of the centennial of three Latin American works, the UAHC School of Education of Secondary Education will hold a meeting that seeks to discuss, analyze and pay homage to the Latin American literary tradition.

Sala Abraham Magendzo Kolstrein (Agustinas 2071, Santiago).

Conversation “Light, Camera and Power”

Wednesday 11 January, 10:00

The UAHC School of Political Science, Government and Public Management will offer a workshop that will present new reflections on the relationship between power, politics and culture around everyday social and political relationships based on references in film, music and popular culture.

Paulo Freire Auditorium (Condell 343, Providencia).

Workshop “The challenges of community intervention from social work”

Wednesday 11 January, 10:00

Dialogue and reflection on the contemporary profile of the social worker and on the new realities of community intervention around recent phenomena such as migration, interculturality, social gaps in health, education and opportunities, among others.

Fifth floor terrace (Condell 343, Providencia).

Storytelling and kamishibai workshop

Wednesday 11 January, 11:00

Story reading using the traditional Japanese method known as Kamishibai, which involves sliding picture sheets through a folding wooden mini theater while a narrator describes the action. Activity aimed at children from 5 years old organized by Pedagogy in Differential Education and Basic Education Career.
Courtyard of the headquarters of Cienfuegos (Huérfanos 1886)

“Music Creation from a Latin American Perspective”

Friday 13 January, 11:00

Activity of analysis of artistic-cultural elements on Latin American musical creation with the participation of academics and students of the UAHC School of Music open to people with musical interests in this perspective.

Courtyard of the headquarters of Arrau (Huérfanos 2186, Santiago).

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