8th International Meeting of Graphic Fiction «Drawings that Talk»

Eighth international meeting of graphic fiction “Speaking Drawings”

  • National Library (Alameda 651, Metro Santa Lucía), USACH Cultural Corporation (Cumming 88, Metro República), Casa Palacio Cultural Space (Alameda 2133, Metro República)
  • January 9-16.
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“Dibujos que Hablan” was born in 2015 with the aim of thinking and reflecting on the relationship between our societies and the arts of drawn or graphic narrative, including related disciplines such as comics, graphic humor, illustration, animation , muralism, graffiti and visual experimentation. Every year DQH focuses on a special theme, and on this occasion the call focused on violence, which has been the protagonist in recent years in different fields and concepts.

Different disciplines have questioned the possible meanings of this concept, from a way of acting of a hegemonic power, to considering it a force that manifests itself in human relationships; from the positions that believe that violence can be shown “in a transparent way”, to those that consider its unrepresentability.

“From this perspective, in this call we prefer to talk about violence rather than violence, which considers the possible paths that arise from the different conceptual positions. Naturalized, normalized or institutionalized, or feared, denounced and condemned,” says Jorge Montealegre, director of the editorial board of the Dibujos que Hablan collective.


Due to the increased production, study and research of the graphic narrative which was developed not only locally, the eighth version of DQH received more than 60 proposals, for which it was decided to incorporate more activities and increase its duration to one week.

There are 35 round tables, workshops and international talks in which the representation of victims and perpetrators in comics will be reviewed and discussed, feminism and marginalization, representations and resistance to violence, political and state violence, racism and violence. , among other topics. The face-to-face activities will take place at the National Library, at the USACH Cultural Corporation and at the Casa Palacio cultural space in formation, all spaces located in downtown Santiago. All presentations will be broadcast live on DQH’s Facebook and YouTube.

Our international guests come from Peru, they are Brenda Román, illustrator, cartoonist and social communicator and editor of the comic magazine for women only “La Otra Damita”; Avril Filomeno, illustrator with studies in painting and engraving at the School of Fine Arts of Peru; and Carla Sagástegui, PhD in Art, Literature and Thought at the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona.

They will all participate in the face-to-face seminar “Let me tell you” and the discussion “Genealogie” together with the magazine Brígida. Carla Sagástegui will give the keynote address “Possible Diversity”. “This year we have chosen Peru as our guest country with three leading exponents of the neighboring country’s artistic and academic scene. Thus, the cartoonists Avril Filomeno and Brenda Román, leading exponents of the Peruvian feminist fanzine, together with Carla Sagástegui, an academic specializing in the production and distribution of Peruvian comics for authors, will show us an overview of the current scene of authors. Peru, and will provide tools for the self-managed production of comics” explains Paloma Domínguez Jeria, member of the DQH organizing committee.

Guests from Peru are joined as international guest by Jorge Varas “Varilla”, a renowned Chilean visual artist, illustrator, cartoonist, graphic designer and writer who has lived in Sweden since 1982.

National guests will participate in different activities and the overwhelming majority in the Second Fair of Comics, Fanzines and Graphic Fiction “Dibujos que Hablan”. From the region of Valparaíso we will be visited by Shantal Andrada – Shantalix; Sebastián Castillo – Pezarbóreo, who together with Alison Saravia Oritz, illustrator living in Chiloé, will participate in a virtual debate on “Cartoons and local artistic projects”; Radye Silva, Cristián Díaz – TEC and La Kioska, a project born in December 2020 on the streets of Valparaíso where they sell independent material, publishers from various places in the region, graphics material with author editions, fanzines of different formats and themes . Joining from Talca is Juan Carlos Cabezas – Jucca, creator of the famous character Anarko, who will be interviewed at the DQH 2 publishing fair.


Saturday 14 January, at Casa Palacio, in Alameda 2133, the second Drawings Editorial Fair will take place which talks about comics and fanzines, in which the following stand out: Amonite.art, Alvarex, Rocco, Majo Puga, Marcos Rojas, NecrotaX, Toto Duarte, Pablo Delcielo, Shantal Andrada and Verena Urrutia. The Fair will open from 12:00 to 20:00. During the Fair there will be an exhibition of fanzines and the following activities: conversation between Cristián Díaz TEC and Radye Silva, Jorge Quien presenting “Mansión Masticante” by RIL Editores, Brenda Román presenting the magazine “La otra damita N°5, Pablo Delcielo presents “Común y Silvestre 2”, an interview by Hugo Hinojosa with Carlos Cabeza “Jucca”, the discussion of international guests and the magazine Brígida and the inauguration of the exhibition “Cartoons from the sea and from the valleys. New comics from the Valparaíso region”. which will be open to the public until March 31, 2023 in the USACH Visual Arts Room located inside the Casa Palacio, attended by current creators of comics and comics with works referring to the Valparaíso region.

On Friday 13 January, from 11:00 to 12:00, the collective Fanzine Workshop will be held, held by the Peruvian guests Avril Filomeno, Brenda Román and Carla Sagástegui, and on Saturday 14, at the same time, the workshop “En cómic mágico” directed at young and girls aged 5 and over accompanied by an adult, by the illustrator Verana Urrutia at the headquarters of the USACH Cultural Corporation (Av. Ricardo Cumming 89, Santiago).

All activities are open to the public and free and can be viewed live on Facebook and YouTube @dibujosquehablan.

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