From feminism, the former minister Albornoz rejects the appointment of Valencia as national prosecutor: “It transgresses everything we defend”

The former minister of the National Women’s Service (2006-2009) and director of the Miles Chile Corporation, Laura Albornoz, discussed the appointment by the president Gabriel Boric of the lawyer Ángel Valencia, shortly before the vote in the Senate that will define whether it is The one who heads the Public Prosecutor for the next eight years or there will be an unprecedented third rejection of the Government letter, after what happened with José Morales and Marta Herrera and after learning new information about the jurist.

We recall that, hours after the political trumpet that shook La Moneda, among other things, due to the somersault that President Boric made in extremis by proposing the lawyer Ángel Valencia to the Senate for his ratification as National Attorney, already The well-known judicial statements that candidate Valencia made to defendants related to issues of corruption, violation of human rights and sexual crimes against women, now add to the story of the tough confrontation he had in the family courts with his ex-wife, who sued him for non-payment of alimony for his three children, a situation for which, at the time, the Second Family Court ordered his detention and arrest.

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The professor of the Faculty of Law of the University of Chile and former member of the Christian Democratic Party (DC), said that, following the latest information revealed by The meter and involving the lawyer, “of the feminist organizations we think that Ángel Valencia cannot be a national prosecutor”. Albornoz specified that “the information that emerged gives an account of a person who transgresses everything we defend”.

“It is no longer just about the legal defenses he made as a lawyer for sexual abusers, but about a model of behavior of a person who for years has not paid alimony and only once in front of an arrest warrant did he agree to do it installments “, Albornoz stressed, as well as arguing that “the non-payment of alimony is a behavior that we condemn in all the people who commit it because it seriously violates women, children and girls”.

In this sense, the lawyer and former minister of the first government of the president Michelle Bachelet asked, “from feminism, to the senators, to act accordingly in voting for the future National Prosecutor, especially those who supported the law on parental responsibility and on the effective payment of the alimony debt (Senator Galilea and Walker) and those who with strong speeches have asked that alimony debtors be banned from public office, as Senators De Urresti and Chauán have done”.

The name of the lawyer, the letter chosen by President Gabriel Boric to direct the Public Prosecutor, will be defended by the Government in the Constitutions Commission of the Senate this Monday 9 January at 11:00, and then voted on in the Chamber at 16:00.

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