They warn of poor enforcement of guidelines by police officers in domestic violence cases

Public authorities have expressed great concern about the situation in which the Carabineros do not correctly apply the Unified Risk Assessment Guideline (PUIR) in cases of domestic violence. The situation that arises increases the vulnerability of women in the face of aggressors.

According to the director of the Human Rights Center of the Diego Portales University (UDP), Lidia Casas, this situation has direct consequences in hindering complaints against the aggressors. “All of this makes access to justice difficult for people who are victims of violence and discourages this process”.

La Puir corresponds to a structured questionnaire, the purpose of which is to obtain information directly from the interested party on the existence of risk factors associated with the reported situation of violence.

Lidia Casas explains that one of the main consequences of the failure or incorrect application of the guideline is that women victims and survivors of violence must tell the judiciary about their experiences.

“Many times the deputy prosecutors have to ask questions again, because they are not well formulated -by the Carabineros-. The effects of these are different, on the one hand, the excessive victimization of a person who is already a victim of his aggressor”, underlines Casas .

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Among the objections and recommendations of the UDP academic, he points out that there is no constant training for police officers in charge of carrying out risk assessments and receiving reports of violence. Also, the content they receive is limited to theoretical only.

”It requires constant and persistent training, which is not just formal delivery of content, but another type of training that is in practice. In other words, when law enforcement agencies as a whole begin to know how to do it,” says Casas, ”there is ‘a lack of knowledge and then a problem of misunderstanding,” he adds.

It should be noted that a few weeks ago, the minister of the Supreme Court and in charge of the implementation of the law on telematic monitoring in cases of intra-family violence, Gloria Ana Chevesich, met with the director general of the Carabineros, Ricardo Yáñez, to express her concern of the Judiciary in the face of the institution’s lack of work on the subject.

“It has had a negative impact on women victims of intra-family violence, given that by not applying it or not applying it correctly -the guideline-, it is necessary to apply it again in criminal or family settings and with this they are re-victimizing themselves,” Chevesich said.

For their part, the Police Institute recognized the shortfall in continuing education and promised to establish a roadmap to improve the implementation of risk assessment across the country.

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