National musician Alfonso Ureta launched the book “The Chilean guitarrón in the song to the poet”

With more than 15 years of study on the subject, Alfonso Ureta has conducted a musicological investigation which he has just launched with the title of “The Chilean guitarrón in the song to the poet”.

This text, financed by the Music Fund of the Ministry of Culture and published by Ediciones UC with a prologue by Gastón Soublette, is presented as a contribution to the scarce existing bibliography, in order to generate an evaluation of this heritage instrument, more properly Old Chilean , which is still valid through orality.

In “El guitarrón chileno en la canto a lo poet”, the music producer, teacher, singer, guitarronero and leader of the Los del Maipo group addresses, through a practical-theoretical method, the development of the technique, its origins, history and the poetic-musical analysis of the style, to combine the oral tradition with the academic one, for a better understanding of its language and greater didactics in learning.

Alfonso Ureta, was instructed in the practice of the Chilean guitarrón and in singing to the poet at the hands of natural practitioners of Pirque, cataloged as the cradle of the guitarrón. During these 15 years of studies, the musician theorized about the tradition and systematized these practices, generating new pedagogical tools that filled the gap in the curricular contents and providing material that allows the introduction of the guitarrón.


The presentation of the book “The Chilean guitarrón en canto a lo poet” took place in December at the Extension Center of the Catholic University.

At the ceremony, held in a packed auditorium, a conversation was held with growers Cecilia Astorga Arredondo, Moisés Chaparro Ibarra and PhD in Philosophy with a mention in aesthetics and art theory Felipe Espinoza Villarroel, together with Alfonso Ureta himself. Subsequently, some verses were interpreted in tenths with different traditional intonations accompanied by the guitarrón.

Alfonso Ureta Munizaga (Pirque, 1986) studied music composition at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, music production with teacher René Calderón at the Modern School of Music and obtained a diploma in Entrepreneurship and Music Industries at the Alberto Hurtado University .

He is currently a music producer, teacher, singer “a lo poet”, Chilean guitarrón lover and vocalist and leader of the Latin American group of root and fusion music Los del Maipo, with which he was twice winner of the Margot Loyola Premio Root (2018 and 2020). In 2020 he released the album “A lo Humano y lo Divino”, a disc of 21 intonations of the poetic chant accompanied by a Chilean guitarrón. As a teacher, he has trained more than twenty new singers and guitarroneros, also creating a free collective workshop of guitarron and singing in Pirque.

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