Future Congress 2023 is presented: it will have more than 100 exhibitors and will be present in all regions of the country

Congreso Futuro, the largest free platform for the exchange of ideas and thoughts in Latin America –organized by the Commission for Future Challenges of the Chilean Senate and the Encuentros del Futuro Foundation (FEF)– Imagen de Chile and the Fundación Cultural de Providencia come together to make the twelfth version of Congreso Futuro known to the world, together with some important international exhibitors.

It should be noted that after two years of virtuality – due to the pandemic – Congreso Futuro 2023 returns to the presence of its exhibitors and the public, an appointment that will take place from 16 to 21 January at the Teatro Oriente, in the municipality of Providencia. For the first time in the history of this encounter with science and knowledge, we will reach all regions of the country – from Arica to Magallanes – with parallel events and international, national and local exhibitions. Likewise, Congreso Futuro will reach the world thanks to the live broadcast through the website www.congresofuturo.cl, the event’s social networks and associated institutions, including the Senate.

Among the innovations mentioned: the importance of the event as a generator of thought and promoter of public policies; the opening of 100 new posts for all interviews; the trip of the exhibitors to Antarctica; and the recently released quotas for the regional instances of the Futuro 2023 Congress.

“This country can help improve the planet, in the greatest climate emergency, Chile will give copper and lithium to all electromobility, as well as pioneering with hydrogen to replace fossil fuels and we must promote intellectual thinking that favors. We have been doing it for 12 years together with the brightest minds in the world, and we will do it again with more than 120 exhibitors, to discuss the challenge that Chile has for the future and thus place the country at the center of world reflection”, underlined Guido Girardi, executive vice president of the Encuentros del Futuro Foundation.

“No Real Limit”

The event was also attended by one of the keynote speakers of Congreso Futuro 2023 “Sin Límite Real”, Abby Stein, transgender activist, educator, speaker, blogger and award-winning author with gender studies, who will present on Thursday, January 19 at 15:00:00 hours (East Theater).

The keynote speaker works to advocate for and raise awareness of the rights of transgender people and ultra-Orthodox leavers. The Columbia University political scientist grew up in a Hasidic family in New York City and later became the first transgender woman in this community. Her story has been covered in New York Times publications and she was named by Prospect Magazine as one of the Top 50 Global Early Thinkers.

“The experience of being here and sharing with other exhibitors is beyond all expectations. I want to emphasize that in all industrial revolutions there have always been people who have been left behind. I think women and older adults, so we need to make sure that this time everyone is really a part, everyone is moving forward, whether it’s in the metaverse or science or the oceans or on land. Everyone must have a place at the table and everyone must be included. When everyone is invited to design the table, not despite who they are, but because they are who they are, it builds a better future and better science,” Stein said.

An event of global importance

The President of the Chilean Senate, Álvaro Elizalde, highlighted that the Future Congress, beyond the event that takes place in January, is “of a permanent nature and constitutes a meeting space for dialogue between the world of science, academia and the world of politics”.

“With the help of universities, a space has been generated for scientists from our country to interact, as well as participate in debates in the field of science, humanities and art around the world. Congreso Futuro is a ‘very enriching experience and one of the most important in Latin America, and allows us not only to anticipate the future, but also to participate in the construction of that future”, he added.

The dissemination platform played an important role at the country level, it made it possible to consider important issues and challenges in various areas that affect the present and will influence the future.

“We share with Future Congress the strategic vision that science can help us understand our planet and find the solutions we need as a human race. And, especially as Fundación Imagen de Chile, we share the belief that Chile has a lot to give to the world to build a better planet. Finally, we also want to underline the fact that, for the first time, Congreso Futuro will be present in all regions of the country, because this agrees with our way of understanding how we must present ourselves to the world: collectively, with the participation of all regions. Because we are building Chile’s future together,” said Rossana Dresdner, executive director of the Fundación Imagen de Chile.

“Congreso Futuro has established itself as the fourth most important science dissemination event in the world and is the only one organized by a national congress, and together with the Encuentros del Futuro Foundation we have a free event without copyright, something unprecedented that we have achieved consolidate as a long-term public policy, is what we are capable of from the National Congress,” added the president of the Future Challenges Commission, Senator Francisco Chahuán.

It should be remembered that Future Congress returns from January 16 to 23 at the Teatro Oriente de Providencia, and expects to host more than 120 exhibitors and nearly 10,000 people.

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