La Flor del Recuerdo band at the Novedades Theater

La Flor del Recuerdo band at the Novedades Theater

  • Novedades Theater, Cueto 257, Yungay neighborhood.
  • Wednesday 11 January – 7.00pm
  • Reservations:

A record is not just a collection of records and songs. Surrounding each new album are concepts, influences and decisions that lead to one musical course (and not another). Rarely in the Chilean environment, the group La Flor del Recuerdo wants to share the process that has guided their new album, Caminemos. Thus, the release of the work will be accompanied by a conversation in which the public will be able to learn about its deep connection with the bolero, as well as with a reference album of the genre, Unforgettables (1958), by Lucho Gatica.

“Caminemos” is the second studio album in the career of La Flor del Recuerdo, a group formed in 2012 by members of the National Symphony Orchestra who sought to bring their craft and preparation to the fields of bolero and Latin American folk song .

It is an album that presents some novelties compared to his previous work, such as the incorporation of an original composition: “Esa luz”, composed by Cristóbal González (director of the trio), shows a particular arrangement of cello, horn, double bass, guitar and lead vocal. In addition to a selection of classics such as “Perfidia” and “Bésame Mucho”, the album has chosen to also showcase four new versions of songs included in one of Lucho Gatica’s most acclaimed albums: Inolvidables con Lucho was a recording made in Mexico in 1958. , in which the Chilean singer joined forces with musicians with a professional background in jazz to enhance a Latin American romantic repertoire whose elegant and rigorous musical reading had an enormous continental influence.

“Caminemos” is an anthological recording that La Flor del Recuerdo wanted to release on vinyl. Its warm sound and detailed textures seduce with an aesthetic quality unlike that of digital recording.

The album launch concert at Teatro Novedades (Yungay district) will feature Caminemos songs alongside a repertoire of already known and acclaimed versions of the group. The appointment takes into account the proposal that La Flor del Recuerdo has called “camera bolero”: arrangements and interpretations which, through the abstraction of shared elements of classical and popular music, enrich this genre with colors and sounds.

The music of the day will begin with Cata Plaza and its Golden Bass, faithful representatives of the new voices that today in Chile are appropriating Latin American music in all its glory.

Meanwhile, the conversation will be moderated by Marisol García, a popular music journalist and author of investigative books such as Cry, heart: The beat of the onion song; and Lucho Gatica. In an exhibition together with the members of La Flor, the tradition of the bolero in Chile will be revisited, the specific influence of Lucho Gatica and the reference to versions that still continue to set a trend among the new generations of interpreters of this music.

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