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How difficult it is to write simply, to make patience the main virtue to reverse the complications of the psyche! As happens in the poems of “Noticias del tiempo”, by the Argentinian Raúl Feroglio, where senses and meanings flow like in a lucky date, without any hurry.

The images that can be read in many poets are united, as in an embroidery, with the author’s memories. No lint is observed, but it is a fabric without perfectionist wishes. Memories are small, saved from oblivion. They seem to appear without warning, as words add syllables horizontally and vertically.

Raúl Feroglio is originally from Las Parejas, a town in the province of Santa Fe, it must be a place predestined for romance. At least that effect it has in his verses, even if not on the part of the couple’s love; In his book nostalgia for certain experiences, perhaps already lost, of country life predominates. I’d say it’s an album of innocence, illusions that acquire harmony if channeled into a subtle meter and some almost imperceptible rhyme.

The gaze on the past, however, is that of an adult; the child takes second place in memory.

So that the “news of the time” seems to be happening right now, it is a wish that speaks more of the present than of a past time. This does not mean that the autobiographical account claims to become the “message” of the book. What matters here is, in Francis Scott Fitzgerald’s phrase, “the transmission of feelings.” It is a legitimate sentimentality, free from any manipulative purpose. Moving is simple and necessary, a substantial piece of ordinary life, which the poet enhances without making it into an existential dogma.

Apologizing for beauty is mandatory lately. However, the alleged rebellion against harmful modernity does not touch the causes of the malaise and thus receives the applause of the status quo. Feroglio, on the other hand, is modest in intentions. His verses are not a speech, but a way of speaking with a certain emphasis and without harangues. And by the way, with beauty.

In the back room is the issue of immigration. In the case of a poet born in America, of recent ancestors from elsewhere, it is a phantasmagoria. The Feroglio thing reminds Jorge Teillier, the author of Lautaro. Like him, he doesn’t have his memories of Europe, so the influence is cultural and becomes a myth. They are traces that he suddenly detects in the old man’s tone of voice, in an extemporaneous habit, in a feeling of bewilderment …

This explains a certain tendency to fragmentation, with large ellipses in some passages. One feels that there is something under the anecdotal, but one does not know what. Nostalgia itself is a means of making this impression. It is an absence rather than a void, a world that stirs behind words and emotions. Perhaps this transcendence is an invention, yet it doesn’t matter. Poetic license is honest and essential.

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