They defuse the attack with explosives against the vice president of Colombia, Francia Márquez

“Members of my security team found a device with more than 7 kilos of explosive material on the road leading to my family residence”, in the south-west of the country, denounced Francia Márquez, the first Afro-descendant to the vice presidency, on il his Twitter account. . The bomb “was destroyed in a controlled manner by the explosion-proof personnel of the police”, added the vice president, who described the incident as “a new attempt to attempt” on his life.

In 2019, before taking office, she was attacked with grenades and rifle bursts for her work as an environmental activist in the department of Cauca, where the deactivated device still resides and was planted this morning.

Ammonium nitrate, powdered aluminum and metal nails

“It is a plastic bag the inside of which contains a high-power explosive substance based on ammonium nitrate, powdered aluminum and (…) nail tips”, details a report from the vice-presidency’s security plan released by Márquez.

The escorts discovered the explosive after being alerted to “suspicious persons” and “foreign elements” on the road leading to the village of Yolombó, in the municipality of Suárez, where a visit from the vice president was expected.

“Due to the characteristics and location of the building (…) it is a clear attack against the vice president,” says the official report, which does not provide information on the possible perpetrators of the plan. Along with President Gustavo Petro, Márquez is part of the first left-wing government in Colombian history, which seeks to defuse the six-decade armed conflict by negotiating with a mix of armed groups that continue to operate after the deal that disarmed powerful FARC guerrillas in 2017. .

“We condemn the attempt on the life of the vice president (…) a recognized defender of human rights, the victim of numerous attacks for her work,” the representative in Colombia of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights said on Twitter . Juliet by Rivero.

In late May of last year, on the eve of the first presidential round, the then-candidate was lasered at a public campaign event and her security team jumped onto the stage to surround her with armored shields.

Laser attacks and hits on the car

An 18-year-old man turned himself in to the authorities, explaining that he had aimed a laser bought online by Márquez. In August, just days after Petro took power, a vehicle from the presidential outpost was targeted while traveling on a highway in the northeast of the country.

The vice president has also received a barrage of racial slurs since taking office. In September last year, the prosecutor’s office opened an investigation into a woman who called Marquez a “monkey” during a demonstration by opponents.

Born into a poor family, Márquez became a single mother at age 16, fled her homeland with death threats, and studied law before entering politics.

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