Guido Girardi’s bad omen for the elections of the Constitutional Council: “May’s election is already lost”

“We are in a complex situation (…). I am part of this government in its ideology, in its vision of the contents (…). We have made a decision, to collaborate with this government and support it, and we have done it loyally ( …), despite the fact that the Fronte Largo (FA) and the Communist Party (PC) do not want us”, was the harsh analysis of the former Senator of the Party for Democracy (PPD) Guido Girardi, during a private meeting held at the headquarters of the community —which is part of one of the coalitions of the governing party (Socialismo Democratico) together with Approva Dignità—.

As stated Third, former Senator Girardi also indicated that “we are marginal in this government for content, ideas and contributions, they don’t consider us”. But obviously, he added, during the party meeting which was also attended by former ministers Nicolás Eyzaguirre, Adriana Delpiano, Sergio Bitar, Francisco Vidal and Heraldo Muñoz, “it is the government that we must support, because if not, it is the defeat” .

Girardi considered it necessary to build an identity as democratic socialism from now on. In his opinion, “if we never take this decision, we are destined to disappear, we will dissolve into a political project that is not ours”. And it is that, despite the alliance and support for President Gabriel Boric, it is clear that the president’s party is Social Convergence, one of the pillars of Approve Dignity, the foundations of which are the Broad Front (FA) and the Communist Party (PC ). —.

As an example, the former lawmaker said that Senator Ximena Órdenes, who intends to be re-elected, “tells me ‘I prefer to be out of government, because basically I represent a different vision, of a different socialism'”. Given this, Guido Girardi expressed that “I believe that these decisions will ultimately have to be evaluated, because here there is a responsibility towards the project of democratic socialism, because the project of the FA and the PC that we have seen is not our project.” .

In any case, he proposed that if Ministers Carolina Tohá (PPD), Mario Marcel, Ana Lya Uriarte (PS), Carlos Montes (PS) and Undersecretaries Manuel Monsalve (PS) and Eduardo Vergara (PPD) were removed from the Executive, “this government would not (…) have the possibility of generating a sense of the future”.

Doubts about the governing party’s single list and “the May elections are already lost”

Regarding the forthcoming elections for the Constitutional Council and the possibility of going to the single list as a government party, Girardi stated that “by going to the single list, many electors who have historically voted for us (…) will not vote for us.” .

“The only way for this government to survive (…) is to broaden its support base (…) by generating in coordination (…) a list of democratic socialism that can push the line and that can dispute the stage, the political space on the right (…)”, completed the former PPD senator, according to the aforementioned medium.

And he insisted: “This government has 25% approval. We will certainly finish next May (month of councilor elections) with 20% approval. reach the representation of that 20% of consensus or we will take democratic action to try to broaden the consensus base (…) We are leaving to others, I would say on the right, a gigantic territory to represent that world”.

In this sense, according to Girardi, “May’s elections are already lost”. And he explained: “Here the right already has 60% in its pocket and could have more (…). I think we get fewer representatives by going to a single list, because we will have far fewer votes”.

It is worth mentioning that the president of the Democratic Revolution (DR), Senator Juan Ignacio Latorre, stated that “our conviction is that today the best thing for the governing alliance, for the governing party, for the government, also electoral, is to go to a single list.And a similar position has been outlined by the Commons, inviting the political parties that make up the government alliance to form a single electoral pact to contest the constitutional council.

To overcome these differences, the ruling party’s party helmsmen are expected to meet this Friday at the Liberal Party headquarters.

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