Isapres asks the Government to speed up the implementation of the sentence of the Supreme Court ordering the application of a new table of factors

The Isapres Association has asked the Government to speed up the methods with which the sentence of the Supreme Court will be implemented which provides for the application of the new table of factors for all members and the repayment of excess charges.

“More than a month has passed since the sentence of the Supreme Court, which instructed the Superintendence of Health to define the methodology for adapting the Isapre plans to the current table of factors. And, despite organizations and experts having raised the critical issue in this regard, the lack of timeliness of the delegated authority in complying with the sentence is serious: the Health Superintendence did not convene the sector for a risk analysis and the working group led by the Ministry of Health”, indicates the group through a statement.

In this sense, they add that “the decision adopted by the Superintendence of Health will determine whether or not Isapres will continue and, with this, the coverages that the over three million subscribers have chosen, according to their needs. If the Authority chooses from disabling Isapres would not only go against the provisions of the Supreme Court, which ordered to regulate the future functioning of the system, but would cause irreversible damage to the entire network, which serves half of the country, impacting the chain of suppliers, doctors, affiliates and, above all, to those suffering from health problems”.

“If the government opts for a forced closure of Isapres, almost 350,000 Jesus patients will remain without protection and forced to suddenly migrate to Fonasa, aggravating the problem of opportunities that has almost 2.3 million people on the waiting list”, they underline.

As they point out, “some effects of this extreme situation have already manifested themselves and are affecting patients. This is why it is imperative that the Superintendence of Health report its definitions to ISAPRES and give guidelines, at least general, as quickly as possible, to give clarity to people and the system”.

“The long-awaited sector reform project is projected towards the end of this year or the beginning of 2024. In the meantime, we need a health system that works and gives peace of mind and answers to those who need it most, allowing the necessary space for discussion to an adequate transition to the new order, with the guarantees of opportunity, access and freedom of choice that people demand”, they add.

Finally, the isapres recall that “times are pressing and there is no evidence that the government is considering the danger of a health crisis of this magnitude. It should be noted that health precautions and the mandate to protect people’s lives are obligations of the authority which is not to be ignored”.

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