Changing the order of surnames in Chile: Check out how to do the process

One year after the entry into force of Law 21.334, a total of 28.228 people changed the order of their surnames in the Civil Identification and Registry Service, a state body authorized to carry out this administrative change. The ones who went the most to second place were González, Muñoz and Pérez.

According to the national director of the Civil Registry, Omar Morales, 26,114 correspond to adults, of whom 16,178 are women and 9,936 are men. It was also reported that out of a total of 187,112 newborns registered this year, 13,358 were registered under their mother’s surname first.

How is the procedure done? Here we explain it to you:

According to law 21.334, any person of legal age can only request a change in the order of the surnames determined in the birth registration.

For this, the person must:

  • Enter the Civil Registry website and set a time.
  • In the reasons for the programming it is necessary to click on “Request for rectification”.
  • Download the form “C-7 request for administrative rectification for changing the order of surnames”.
  • Bring the deed to the Civil Registry on the day and at the time indicated.

Once the application has been submitted, the identity of the applicant will be verified through the valid identity card or, if necessary, the fingerprint.

Once the application has been accepted, the relative changes and sub-registrations will be made, after which the new identification documents will be issued.

It is necessary to specify that the original identity documents cannot be used, requested or exhibited in any case and in any public or private body.

The requirements to change the order of last names are as follows:

  • Be over 18 years old.
  • Be a Chilean or foreign person requesting rectification of birth registration.
  • Foreigners can request the change only with documentation proving their stay in Chile and after registering the birth in the Registry.

Persons currently subject to judicial proceedings or formalized with pending arrest warrants cannot request the change of the order of their surnames.

As for its cost, it should be noted that the procedure is completely free. However, in the case of corrections requested by adults, the cost of publications in the Official Gazette must be paid and, in addition, the fee for issuing new identity documents.

The procedure is available all year round at the offices of the Civil Status and Identification Service, by making an appointment on the institution’s website.

Finally, and on the subject of minors, only until January 11 of this year could the order of surnames be changed at the request of both parents and by mutual agreement. If this has not been done, they must wait until they turn 18.

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