The work that claims the memory of the student murdered by the Caravan of Death

A performance by the Teatro Patrimonial company entitled “José Saavedra, presente!” opens this Saturday 14 January at the Teatro Comunale di Calama at 20:00, as part of the third edition of the Creative Territories program of the Teatro a Mil foundation.

The work recovers and reclaims the memory of the eighteen-year-old student murdered by soldiers of the Chilean army who were part of the “Caravan of Death” in 1973, during the dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet.

The show will have two more performances on 15 January at 18:00 and 20:00 by appointment in the same location. It will be a free event and for people over the age of 14, with tickets through Ticketplus.

True story

As for the play, its director and dramaturgical manager, Holofernes Noria, points out that it is based on the true story of the young student leader who was prosecuted and executed along with 25 other people in the hills of Topater (Calama) by state agents in 1973 .

“We want to rescue and stage the memory of José Saavedra, his struggle, his convictions, his dreams and his political ideals, from the point of view of a young teenager who, as soon as he came of age, paid for the fact with his life to think differently and we want a fairer and better world for all”.

Jose Savedra.


It is important to specify that the company has worked together and in permanent dialogue with the family of José Saavedra, because in Noria’s words, “we try to convey to the public the importance of Human Rights for building a more just world and society civil society, placing the promotion of justice and democracy as its horizon. In short, the work is an appeal to “never again, to non-repetition and to reparation”, specifies the director of the show.

“José Saavedra, present!” was developed as part of the third version of Territorios Creatives (TC).

“It is a program to promote the national creation of the Teatro a Mil Foundation which effectively contributes to the decentralization of creative processes in the country, developing artistic proposals in 15 regions, with the exception of the metropolitan one,” says the coordinator of the TC, Martha Nunez .

curatorial board

As part of the proposal, the curatorial tables of each region invite artists from the territories to participate. The Antofagasta curatorial table consisted of Víctor Ángel of the Antofagasta Cultural Corporation; Teresa Ramos of the Zicosur Antofagasta International Theater Festival (FITZA); Raúl Rocco of the Pedro de la Barra Theater; Christian Andrónico of the Huanchaca Ruins Foundation; Mauricio Castro of the Calama Tourism and Culture Corporation; Marcela Olivos of the Municipal Cultural Center of Taltal; and Carlos Rendón SACO Biennial of Contemporary Art.

For his part, Mauricio Castro of the Calama Tourism and Culture Corporation, comments that his experience within the Antofagasta curatorial table has been very pleasant, noting that “we are very happy because after the reflection work that has been done through At the table Curatorial of the TC program of Teatro a Mil, we are on the threshold of the premiere of the opera of the Teatro Patrimonial company «¡José Saavedra, presente!»”.

“We appreciate Teatro a Mil’s request and look forward to seeing this work that represents and brings to mind José Saavedra, the youngest of those killed by the “Caravan of Death” at the beginning of the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the coup ”, sentence.

better future

Regarding the TC program and the focus of the work, Noria assures that “we are mobilized by the question of whether we can really move towards a better future by ignoring our history”.

“We definitely think not, because history and memory are an important part and, even more, a critical element for the development of a territory. We must be able to understand those pages in order not to repeat inhuman acts such as those experienced during the dictatorship. José Saavedra is part of the memory of Calama and the region of Antofagasta. José Saavedra is present in every young person who calls for social justice and a better world for all. We can’t let him forget,” he points out.

To attend the services of “¡José Saavedra, presente!” It is necessary to register in advance with Ticket Plus. Tickets are free and the show is only for people over 14 years old.

The International Theater Festival in Mil 2023 is presented by the Teatro a Mil Foundation, is covered by the Cultural Donations Law and enjoys the support of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities.

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