Astronomy school for teachers

Astronomy school for teachers

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With almost a thousand professionals trained in over a decade of activity, the School of Astronomy for Teachers returns with its eleventh edition, this time online and with calls for teachers from various parts of the world.

This initiative recognized nationally for its impact on teacher training and astronomical dissemination, comes to provide and update the scientific knowledge of those professionals working in the field of education, thus transferring this information to children and young people.

“The School has a long history and is a space for updating on avant-garde topics and a place of active learning for around 800 teachers over the years. They appreciate it very much and with the virtual format we reach the whole country and also the countries of Latin America which gives us deep joy. We hope that in this version the call will be as successful or more successful than in previous years”, commented Pamela Henríquez Salinas, head of dissemination of Titans and organizer of the activity.

This year’s theme: astronomy and big data

Thanks to the latest scientific advances in astronomical observation matters, the amount of data received from various observatories, both terrestrial and orbital, has grown exponentially, expanding our understanding of various astrophysical phenomena and, at the same time, driving the development of technologies of information analysis.

This is where big data, or large-scale data, becomes relevant. Maintaining large information bases provides researchers with new discoveries or the improvement of previous observations.

“This year there will be many activities, moments of sharing experiences, practices. The idea is above all to propose exercises that can bring them into the classroom and, at the same time, teach them what has happened in astronomy in recent times”, added the astronomer and deputy director of CATA, Ezequiel Treister, initiator of the for the year 2012 and which also established the Astronomical Congress of the School.

The School of Astronomy for Teachers has the support of the Millennium Titans Nucleus, the CATA Center of Excellence, the Department of Astronomy UdeC, the Institute of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Valparaíso and the Institute of Astrophysics of the PUC.
Among the speakers of this new edition are the aforementioned Ezequiel Treister, Néstor Espinoza, who works directly with the James Webb telescope at the Space Telescope Institute in Baltimore, and the director of the Bachelor of Astronomy program at Central University, Paulina Troncoso , among other distinguished scientists.

The results of the applications will be published on 23 January at 19:00 here. Classes will be held via Zoom on January 26th and 27th.

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