Brazil’s Supreme Court authorizes investigation of Bolsonaro over coup

Brazil’s Supreme Court this Friday authorized the Attorney General’s Office to investigate the former president Jair Bolsonaro for his alleged participation as mastermind of the three-power assault of thousands of his supporters in Brasilia.

The magistrate Alexander of Moraesone of the 11 judges of the Supreme Court, complied with the request of the prosecutor, presented this Friday and which seeks to clarify whether the far-right leader incited the violent attack of his most radical supporters, who sought to overthrow the president Luiz InĂ¡cio Lula da Silva.

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With this decision Bolsonaro, who is currently in the United States, where he went on December 30, two days before the expiry of his mandate, for reasons never explained, is now formally under investigation for the attempted coup of January 8 in Brasilia. .

That day, a mob of Bolsonaro supporters, who, like the former president, do not recognize Lula’s victory in the October presidential elections, invaded and destroyed the offices of the Presidency, Congress and the Supreme Court for four hours.

De Moraes in his sentence underlined that in a possible interrogation of the retired Army captain “it will be appreciated at the right time”, given the “news that the former president is not in Brazilian territory”.

Prosecutors allege that Bolsonaro, a nostalgic defender of right-wing military dictatorships, shared a video on January 10 questioning the election result, which would mean “public incitement to the practice of crime”, despite it being removed hours later.

For De Moraes, the fact of disclosing this video showed that Bolsonaro “in theory positioned himself criminally against the institutions, in particular against the Federal Supreme Court, accusing his judges of fraud in the elections in favor of “Lula” and of the Superior Electoral Tribunal”.

Bolsonaro is also under investigation in four other criminal cases opened in the Supreme Court, but they are all in the initial phase and no charges have been brought against the former president, who intends to return from the United States at the end of the month, according to what he recently said CNN Brazil.

Another of the suspects for Sunday’s violent anti-democratic acts is the former security secretary of Brasilia Anderson Torreswho was Minister of Justice in the Bolsonaro government (2019-2022).

On Torres, a loyal ally of Bolsonaro who participated in the campaign to discredit the electoral process promoted by the far-right leader, there is a jail order from the Supreme Court for his alleged “failure” to contain the Bolsonarist radicals.

In addition, the police found in the former minister’s house a draft presidential decree to intervene in the Higher Electoral Tribunal and “correct” the election result, which Bolsonaro lost to Lula by 1.8 points.

Torres, like Bolsonaro, is in the United States, although he has declared that he will return to Brazil in the coming days to turn himself in to the authorities.

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