The Biobío International Book Fair (FILB) has begun its second version with thousands of participants led by the inaugural speech of Hernán Rivera Letelier

The Biobío 2023 International Book Fair, FILB, which will take place from January 13 to 22 at the University of Concepción, has already started its second version with thousands of visitors on its first day. The inauguration, with Hernán Rivera Letelier as a guest, was attended by the Minister of Cultures, the GORE of Biobío, the Rector of the UdeC and the regional authorities.

For 10 days and free of charge, the FILB is back with more than 100 scheduled activities, 100 exhibitors, 200 publishing labels and more than 80 authors. A second version that wants to be a meeting of dialogue, reflection and literary creation.

The inauguration ceremony was held on Friday 13 in the presence of government authorities, led by the Minister of Culture, Art and Heritage, Julia Brodsky, and by the presidential delegate, Daniela Dresdner; the regional authorities, led by Gore Rodrigo Díaz; authorities of the University of Concepción, presided over by the rector Carlos Saavedra, and with the inaugural report of the 2022 National Prize for Literature, the novelist Hernán Rivera Letelier.

“We have entered into a strategic alliance with the University of Concepción for the second year so that this fair can grow, with more authors, more publishers present, consolidating in the month of January of each year a great cultural event that enriches the cultural offer of free access of the population”, comments Rodrigo Díaz, GORE of Biobío.

“We are happy and grateful for the reception that this second version of the Biobío International Book Fair has had. There are hundreds and this week there will be thousands of people who will visit the stands and see the interest of children, young people and adults of all ages engaged in reading research, which helps us to continue making more versions with the strategic help of the regional government and local authorities,” adds Carlos Saavedra, rector of the University of Concepción.

“The Biobío Book Fair was inaugurated in a very exciting and fun way with the presence of the 2022 National Literature Prize, Hernán Rivera Letelier, and where the space has become small for us, which is good to continue giving more strength and space For the following versions of the FILB, we hope that the thousands of visitors will appreciate the following days of the activities that we will have and the large catalog of books that the different publishers have”, says Moira Délano, director of the FILB.

Once again, the FILB will be held in the context of the University of Concepción Summer School “Voices, Imaginaries and Territories”, which maintains the transformative and avant-garde spirit of its first versions promoted by the outstanding poet Gonzalo Rojas Pizarro. Over 7,000 people from the region and part of the country are expected to attend during the first weekend.

The FILB will be held in the central lawns of the Central Campus Concepción of the UdeC, between the Central Library and Plaza del Estudiante. There will be activities throughout the day and at different times which you can review on the same site, remembering that they are open and free to the public.

The FILB program is available on its website and this time it will offer a diverse programmatic offering that will be divided into three areas: first, the literature, national and universal novels area. The second, the university publishing area, and the third, the children’s area and narrative graphics and illustration. On the same site, all conversations are broadcast live on the stages of Marta Brunet and Gonzalo Rojas.

Official information and scheduling are available here.

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