The government launches a reform that enables a new constituent process: it will be published this Tuesday

The head of the General Secretariat of the Government (Segegob), the minister of spokespersons Camila Vallejo, confirmed that the constitutional reform that enables the new constituent process has already been promulgated by La Moneda. In this way, said the Secretary of State, this Tuesday 17 January will be published in the Official Gazette.

“The constitutional reform that enables a new constitutional process has already been promulgated and will be in the Official Gazette tomorrow”, announced Minister Vallejo, in a press conference from the Government Palace.

Faced with the elections for the Constitutional Council to be held on May 7, when asked if the government party would join the single list, Minister Vallejo said that “the ideal is to have a united government alliance and even more”.

“We have pointed this out from the Christian Democrats (DC) to the Communist Party (PC), because we understand that it is important that progressive forces unite to defend and establish the principles for a society with greater rights,” he added.

According to the government spokesman, “the ideal scenario for the Executive is unity and cohesion, to face the challenges it has in terms of public policies and in the constitutional sphere”.

It is also worth remembering that Congress must also choose the 24 people who will make up the Commission of experts who will accompany this new process, who will begin work on the bill that will be delivered to the Constitutional Council in January.

For his part, the president of the board of directors of Servel, Andrés Tagle, together with the national director of Servel, Raúl García, intensified the appeal to citizens to review and, if necessary, request the change of their electoral address in view of the the proximity of the closure of the Electoral Secretariats.

MP Manouchehri: “If we were on two lists, the PS would have to go with Approve Dignity”

After being promulgated by President Gabriel Boric, the new constituent process is underway. In the prelude to the formation of political pacts for the election of the representatives of the Constitutional Council, the socialist deputy Daniel Manouchehri affirmed that “the smartest thing is to go to a single list”.

When asked about the possibility of government parties going on two lists, Manouchehri replied that, in his opinion, “the Socialist Party should go with Approve dignity. We believe that the Socialist Party must form an important nucleus with the government center of President Gabriel Boric”.

“However, this is a position that the Socialist Party must settle in its instances. I repeat, the politically and electorally intelligent thing to do is to join the single list. We believe that only with unity is the future possible,” she stressed.

In principle, the legislator of the Coquimbo region said that “the electoral and politically intelligent thing is that we all go together on a list. First of all, it has greater electoral efficiency because large lists have the ability to accumulate more votes and the distribution number favors electability. And, secondly, a strong signal is being sent politically”.

“We must make every effort, and the socialists will, to arrive at a single list that can ensure that the next Constitutional Council has progressive ideas, social change and transformation well represented,” he concluded.

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