600 musicians on stage rocked the Caupolicán in concert for the 30th anniversary of the National Youth Symphony Orchestra

The commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the National Youth Symphony Orchestra took place this weekend with great success, with 600 musicians on stage who rocked the Caupolicán Theater to perform Mahler’s Eighth Symphony.

“We are very happy with the result, seeing the full Caupolicán greatly increased the energy of the musicians, a song to Mahler’s love that touched the hearts of all who attended, it was a spectacular event,” said the executive director of the Youth and Children’s Orchestra Foundation (FOJI), Miguel Farías.

There were two concerts held at the Caupolicán theater, attended on the first day by the President of the Republic, Gabriel Boric, the President of the Foundation of Youth and Children’s Orchestras, Irina Karamanos and various authorities of the country.

“This work is wonderful, it is an excellent demonstration that this project of youth and children’s orchestras, which celebrates its 30th anniversary, is a policy that we must continue to strengthen, happy to be able to accompany the National Youth Symphony Orchestra on this anniversary “, he said. the Minister of Education, Marco Antonio Ávila, who also attended the event.

“Three thousand people in dead silence, listening carefully to everything that was happening, truly a unique experience demonstrating the work of these 30 years of the National Youth Symphony Orchestra staged, which is very moving indeed, which in just 25 minutes the i tickets are sold out, shows that FOJI can only continue to grow,” said Undersecretary of Cultures and Arts, Andrea Gutiérrez.

Three choirs of more than 400 people, eight soloists (three sopranos, two contra-altos, a tenor, a baritone and a bass) and a large symphony orchestra were the force needed in the more than 80 minutes of music for a unique work.

“The thrill of having reached this point after so many months of work, so many trials, so many difficulties and satisfactions along the way; having brought together many people who were celebrating 30 years of history with the same sense, it is truly a great emotion and it also happened with the public absolutely devoted to what was happening, they were two beautiful concerts, it will probably be a milestone that will mark a generation who made Mahler’s Octave”, said Paolo Bortolameolli, Chief Conductor of the National Youth Symphony Orchestra, at the end of the concert.

These evocative musical performances were completely free thanks to funding from the Metropolitan Regional Government.

“We attended a wonderful meeting, which is also the first time it can be held in the region, it is important for us to be able to contribute to the development of this and other events that we will be able to finance together with FOJI. This is the first of the 150 activities that we will do in the coming months, which bring together concerts in the municipalities, because we believe that it is necessary to bring culture to every corner of the region, for a more just and equitable region to build with more culture,” said the head of the Social and Human Development Division of the Metropolitan Government, Evelyn Magdaleno.

Currently, FOJI hosts more than 500 ensembles from Arica to Punta Arenas and has 18 of its own symphony orchestras across the country. This is how more than 1,000 children between the ages of 8 and 24 receive economic, psychosocial, instrumental and technical support every year to develop their talent. Many of them were part of this great concert.

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