Books on resistance to state terrorism are relaunched 50 years after the coup

A series of titles related to state terrorism will be relaunched by Ediciones Universidad Alberto Hurtado, as part of the 50th anniversary of the overthrow of the constitutional government of Salvador Allende.

“For this 2023 we have planned a campaign to bring back to the table about 40 books that we have published in the various collections and which deal, from different perspectives, with the impact that the dictatorship has had on our country”, explains Beatriz García-Huidobro, executive director by Ediciones UAH.

Among the titles stands out “Documenting the atrocity”, by the professor of the UAH Department of Sociology Oriana Bernasconi; the collection “Chile 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973”, by the former Academic Vice Chancellor of UAH Pedro Milos; and also research by academics from other universities, such as “Sassi, barricades and frying pans”, by Viviana Bravo, from the Silva Henríquez Catholic University; or “The Impact of Truth Commissions,” by Anita Ferrara, of the Irish Center for Human Rights in Galway, Ireland.

“The fact that researchers from different backgrounds seek to publish with us is also a symptom of the prestige we have forged over the years,” says García-Huidobro.

next exits

In addition to highlighting the titles related to the 50th anniversary of the coup, Ediciones UAH is preparing to consolidate its Recobrada Library collection with two new titles: “Recuerdos de mi vida”, by Martina Barros, and “Puertas verdes y caminos blancos” by Chela Reyes.

With these volumes a total of 10 publications are completed: a milestone that triggered the diffusion of the collection throughout Latin America. “Latin American Recovered Library” will consist of a publishing alliance with other universities of the International Association of Jesuit Universities (Ausjal network), with which titles will be exchanged to strengthen and nurture collections locally.

In the future they hope to open two new collections: ITER, from the Institute of Theology and Religious Studies, and Media Studies. For now, for Book Day (April 23) they are hoping to increase the circulation of their books by offering significant discounts so that people interested in knowledge, belonging to different social classes, can access high-quality content, as their hallmark.

unconventional bet

More than 17 years of experience and an editorial line based on knowledge and little attached to commercial demand are the hallmark of Ediciones UAH, a niche publisher for those who love knowledge.

Focused on areas of knowledge, unlike other university publishers, the publishing house of the Alberto Hurtado University, Ediciones UAH, has a —one could say— “smaller” audience, but more academic and specialized.

“We are a publishing niche. We are a university publishing house, yes, but only in non-fiction and also only in the philosophical and humanistic area, which is even more limited”, says Alejandra Stevenson, its editorial director.

In its 17-year history, Ediciones UAH has persevered in maintaining an editorial line and has been recognized nationally and internationally for this.

The organization has just signed an agreement with the Millennium Institute for Research on Violence and Democracy (VioDemos), the center funded by the National Agency for Research and Development (ANID), to publish books based on their research. The first volume of this collection will be “Violación de DD. H H. in Latin America: Reparation and Rehabilitation”, edited by academics Elizabeth Lira, Marcela Cornejo and Germán Morales.

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