Opera «Cantata» in Parque O’Higgins

Opera “Cantata” in Parque O’Higgins

  • O’Higgins Park Lagoon, entrance from Rondizzoni, Metro Rondizzoni.
  • January 18, 19, 20 – 21:00
  • General admission $8,000. Students and seniors $3,000. Sale here.
  • Free admission for indigenous communities and civil society groups. Registration by email: kimvnteatro@gmail.com / produccionkimvn@gmail.com.

KIMVN Teatro’s new work is an immersive show in nature, which addresses from music, song, light projection and performing arts, the social needs for the care of the environment and the recognition of the ancestral knowledge of the original peoples of the territories.

The new show by the KIMVN Teatro company is co-produced by the CIIR Center for Intercultural and Indigenous Studies, directed by playwright and director Paula González Seguel and author and composer Evelyn González Seguel. It is performed by outstanding artists of the performing arts and music: Susana Hidalgo, Ángela Acuña, Annie Murath, Nicole Gutiérrez Perret, Daniela Millaleo, Natisú, Norma Hueche Nahuel, Andrea Osorio, Juan Francisco Flores, Pablo Ariel López, Gustavo San Martín, Sergio Ávila and the dancer Fernanda Simón.

The opera takes place on an open stage, the Laguna Abierta del Parque O’Higgins, located in the municipality of Santiago. There the CANTATA “IXOFIJ MONGEN. Todas las vidas sin excepción”, where theatre, live music, the lighting intervention of the Delight Lab collective and the audiovisual creation of the Filmmaker Claudia Huaquimilla, come together to invite the public to experience a ritual that prompts them to reflect on memory , the care and conservation of biodiversity, in a context of social and environmental crisis that Chile and humanity are experiencing.

In Mapuzungun IXOFIJ MONGEN translates as “All lives without exception” and alludes to the idea that all lives are together and that, in short, they are one great life. Human beings are part of this great network that gives meaning to our existence.

The project is funded by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage and sees the collaboration of the Teatro a Mil Foundation, the San Joaquín Cultural Center, the National Theater of Chile, the Laguna Carén Park, VIODEMOS, CORDESAN and the Municipality of Santiago.

Artistic sheet:

Investigation, direction, dramaturgy and staging: Paula González Seguel | Research, author, composer and musical direction: Evelyn González Seguel Light artists, projections and video mapping: Andrea Gana and Octavio Gana / Deligth Lab | Audiovisual: Claudia Huaiquimilla | Actresses/Singers: Susana Hidalgo, Norma Hueche, Annie Murath, Nicole Gutiérrez, Daniela Millaleo, Andrea Osorio, Natisú. | Musicians: Evelyn González Seguel, Juan Flores Ahumada, Sergio Ávila, Ángela Acuña, Gustavo San Martín, Nicole Gutiérrez, Ariel López | Vocal Direction: Annie Murath | Dancer: Fernanda Simon | Director assistance: Catalina Ávila | Lighting and technical director: Francisco Herrera | Costumes: Andrea Contreras | Production: Alejandra Flores | Field Production: Maríafernanda Altamirano Fernández | Research Consultancy: Natalia Caniguan, Tomás Ibarra Cosmovision and Renewable Energy Consultancy: Constanza Hueche Saavedra | Sound: Iván González & Álvaro Vázquez | Cultural Management: Evelyn González Seguel, Paula González Seguel, Jaime Coquelet | Production: Alejandra Flores | Field Production: María Fernanda Altamirano Fernández | Historian: Silvana Bustos | Creative Process Registration: Leonardo Toro | General production: KIMVNTeatro.

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