Admission 2023: with a historical record of over 96,000 valid applications overall, UNAB stands out among the schools with the highest preference

In a new scenario, the results of higher education applications this year were lived, as students had to take the new higher education entrance test (PAES) for the first time and handle a new weighting scale , which has also been a challenge for the universities that are part of the Access to Higher Education System.

In this context, Andrés Bello University (UNAB) stood out among the schools with the highest number of applications, having reached a total of 96,771 valid applicationsaccording to information provided by the Department of Education Evaluation, Measurement and Recording (DEMRE).

In this way UNAB registered 41,459 effective applications, which means a 128% increase compared to 2022. Also noteworthy is the 28.5% increase recorded in the total number of selected students, which reached 14,892.

The Rector Giulio Castro I affirm it “The results of the application process confirm that the work we have done in recent years has given even more validity to our inclusive, diversified and excellent university project, which aims to be a contribution to the society in which it operates”.

The authority added that “the good numbers of this year are understood as a set of positive results and progress that we have achieved as a University and which are the consequence of the permanent work. This year in particular we have faced a matriculation process during the accreditation institutionally at a level of excellence by the CNA, over a period of 6 years in all areas, which places Universidad Andrés Bello in the select group of 14 institutions qualified at this level“.

In relation to the changes and the Higher Education Access System, Rector Castro stressed that “this application process is peculiar, as students had to take the new Higher Education Access Test (PAES) for the first time “We have seen that there are still many doubts among applicants and this is to be expected given the changes. We will have to do the analysis and see how much this new system benefits students”.

Main results

The 2023 admissions process proves once again that UNAB reflects the social composition of the country. Of the total number of students selected by the universityabout 60% comes from private schools with special agreements, while 22% belongs to municipal schools and 28% to private schools.

It should be noted that the Andrés Bello University has a series of financial aids for young people who have opted for this study house, allocating a total of $8,000 million pesos in scholarships and benefits for its new students.

The selected who will benefit from scholarships they will be able to keep them throughout their career if they possess the required academic merits, in line with the inclusive mission of the institution and the possibility of generating transversal opportunities.

The tenders with the highest number of effective applications this year were instead: Medicine, Psychology, Nursing, Obstetrics and Dentistry.

Like last year, also in 2023 UNAB has a single 100% online enrollment process, which allows students to enroll at any time and from anywhere, without having to attend the university to carry out the process, and receive all the documentation via e-mail.

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