Instituto Francés de Chile and Festival Teatro a Mil present the third version of La Noche de las Ideas

  • night of ideas
  • Cultural Center of Money
  • 20 and 21 January

Moreover? This is the theme of the third Night of Ideas which will take place on 20 and 21 January at the Centro Cultural de la Moneda thanks to the collaboration between the French Institute of Chile and the Teatro a Mil Festival.

The French Institute of Chile renews its collaboration with the Festival Teatro a Mil, which on the occasion of its thirtieth anniversary will see the participation of Eva Nguyen Binh, president of the Institut Français de Paris. The diplomat will talk about access to culture and its internationalization, a theme that La Noche de las Ideas has been addressing since 2020.

More This simple question invites us to think about growth models to consider new possibilities with other equilibria.

In a series of conversations, Barbara Stiegler, philosopher, Christophe Pébarthe, historian, Antonio Casilli, sociologist, Paola Tubaro, sociologist and economist, Emanuele Coccia, philosopher, and Guy Régis Junior, playwright, will reflect with Chilean guests on these topics, which will deployed in various areas of thought.

In parallel with these activities, Constitución entre líneas, a sampling of sixteen drawings created by Chilean artists around the new Magna Carta of Chile, will be exhibited for the first time in Chile.

Created in France in 2016 by the Institut Français, The Night of Ideas is an annual global event that simultaneously brings together hundreds of cultural and academic institutions (cinemas, libraries, museums, art centres, higher education institutions), to celebrate, on basis of a common theme, the free circulation of ideas and knowledge between countries, cultures, disciplines and generations. The 2022 edition whose theme was Rebuilding the municipality, brought together philosophers, writers, artists and intellectuals in Santiago and Punta Arenas.

Round table: Theater today: is it still a political act?

January 20, 18:00
La Moneda Cultural Center, Plaza de la Ciudadanía 26 Santiago
Free admission upon registration:

How does theater work as an effective tool to question the realities of our societies and thus contribute to their transformation? Social and political needs in Chile and Haiti have led playwrights to make visible the violence of our time through new theatrical exercises; Carla Zúñiga (Chile) and Guy Régis Junior (Haiti) talk about it.

Round table: Automation: the end of the human being?

January 20, 8pm
Cultural Center of Currency, Plaza de la Ciudadanía 26 Santiago,
Free entry upon registration:

Artificial Intelligence becomes gravitating across various disciplines and affects our lives more and more. Its adoption is not without debate, mainly because of the job replacement projections raised by some analyzes and the ethical dilemmas generated by its use. However, the practical and creative potential it entails is also visible. Have we reached a new threshold in AI development? Speakers: Paola Tubaro, Denis Parra, Javier Ibacache.

Round table: What is artificial intelligence hiding?

January 21, 4pm
Cultural Center of Currency, Plaza de la Ciudadanía 26 Santiago
Free admission upon registration:

Rappi, Uber, Deliveroo, Didifood. Who hasn’t used these digital platforms at least once in their life. Who is behind artificial intelligence? Who is behind the algorithms? At the intersection of sociology, psychoanalysis and art, the matrix of artificial intelligence systems and their effects will be analysed, between the extraction of resources, human work, data processing and the impact on bodies and desires. Speakers: Antonio Casilli, José Ulloa, Constanza Michelson and Paula Escobar.

Round table: Democracy: more and more?

January 21st, 6pm
La Moneda Cultural Center, Plaza de la Ciudadanía 26 Santiago
Free admission upon registration:

Democracy is often associated with a regime of plenty: more and more rights, individual freedoms and prosperity. As if it were an endless process. At the end of the 1900s it was even associated with the market society, conceived as a regime of abundance. A few decades later, as growth gave way to restriction, faith in democracy was shaken. Isn’t it time to reexamine these IDs? Increasingly? Is this the real engine of democracy? Exhibitors, Barbara Stiegler, Christophe Pébarthe and Emmanuelle Barozet.

Round table: More design on a damaged planet?

January 21, 8pm
Cultural Center of Currency, Plaza de la Ciudadanía 26 Santiago
Free admission upon registration:

The discussions that emerge from the socio-environmental crisis we are going through and which require new ways of living and inhabiting the Earth will be addressed. These challenges will be analyzed by the intersection of the outstanding architect Cazú Zegers and the material thinking of the philosopher Emanuelle Coccia, underlining the place of design or dis-design to think and open futures for the earth’s habitability. Speakers: Emanuele Coccia, Cazú Zegers and Martín Tironi.

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