XII International Santiago Off Festival

XII International Santiago Off Festival

  • from 19 to 29 January.
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This 2023, the XII Santiago Off International Festival includes 58 national and international performing arts productions and 8 music concerts, in a total of 26 spaces between Santiago, Valparaíso and Concepción.

This year, the meeting re-establishes itself as a 100% face-to-face Festival, which will promote ticket sales in order to reactivate the full capacity and assistance of new audiences.

Theater, dance, circus, music and interdisciplinary give life to this new edition of the Festival, which aims to reveal contingent contents, which propose instances of reflection between art and citizenship, with emphasis on themes related to memory, human rights and the review contemporary of the social processes that have developed 50 years after the military coup (1973 – 2023).

In this way, there will be the participation of renowned productions such as Aquí Están by Colectivo 13/24, which seeks to question the aesthetics and languages ​​of memory in Chile; the BRUTA dance by the AMATEUR Company, which exhibits the non-hegemony of the bodies; LUCY QÜIN by Compagnia Teatro Bruma, portraying a journalist’s attempts to overthrow the civil-military dictatorship; La Victoria de Víctor by the company La Patriótico Interesante, which takes a poetic journey through the life of Víctor Jara; Natura Infinita production of the Chilean National Theater, which reflects on climate change, the memory of the landscape and the protection of ecosystems in constant danger. and concerts, such as Mauricio Redolés and El Bloque Depresivo, among many other shows.

Like every year, there will also be the Programmers’ Meeting, whose objective is to promote the reactivation and national and international circulation of artistic collectives; and with the Off School, which offers educational activities through seminars on theater and politics, activities related to dance and mediation activities with teenagers. In addition, workshops on accessibility will be carried out, in particular to make people with sensory diversity and the Deaf Community visible, to identify and implement access tools in spaces related to the performing arts.

This new release is marked by the new alliance between Santiago Off and Los Contadores Auditores, who will hold their renowned award ceremony of the Los Contadores Auditores Awards 2023 at the Teatro Principal de Matucana 100 on Sunday January 29 at 18:00, where the new to the artists, directors and most important works of the theater scene.

This summer, the Santiago Off Festival is once again committed to the scenic avant-garde, creating opportunities for emerging collectives, associativity and collaboration between national and international companies and scenic spaces, and generating new cultural spaces for the community, promote the exhibition of domestic and foreign artists, and take advantage of our streets and exhibition spaces for the assistance of all audiences.

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