Noam Chomsky in Future Congress: “There are means to prevent a catastrophe, to move towards a better world”

This Friday, as part of the penultimate day of the twelfth edition of Congreso Futuro, the famous American linguist, philosopher and activist Noam Chomsky offered an online speech lasting about 40 minutes, in which he reasoned on climate change and questioned the legitimacy of institutions, which he believes are driving us to suicide.

During his presentation, Chomsky referred to the climate crisis, stating that “the way we have seen it is wrong: not all countries are destroying the possibility of life on Earth; it is the rich who live in the rich countries who they have a huge responsibility.” Achieving climate justice in that framework, he said, is “below the bounds of science’s will.”

In this regard, in his speech entitled “Questioning the Fundamentals”, the most famous linguist and philosopher of modern history criticized the great teachers of humanity, referring to those who have the power of the economy and put money before everything. Furthermore, he questioned the legitimacy of social structures and institutions which, in his view, “devote themselves to species suicide in exchange for short-term interests.”

In that context, Chomsky specifically criticized the fossil fuel industry, as well as the banks that fund it and the governments that subsidize it, “funding the hastening of our own catastrophe as a species.”

In his view, the oil industry is waging a “war on scientific knowledge,” and described how corporate public relations people in the 1970s managed to question the evidence the industry had gathered. wasting years of possible climate action and that we as humanity are now in a much more complex position to solve the problem than we would have been five decades ago, as he reflects.

“Our Earth is becoming uninhabitable and the worst is yet to come,” warned Noam Chomsky, who nonetheless argued that it is possible to bridge the gap between humans’ ability to destroy things and the moral ability to control that urge , it is possible to walk towards a better world. However, he warns that “it won’t be easy,” adding that achieving this will require overcoming the big bosses of the universe and improving social justice.

‚ÄúThere are means to prevent a catastrophe, to move towards a better world. (…) They have been implemented thanks to the work of dedicated activists, but not enough, because the circles of the masters of the universe have not been reached”, said one of the most important thinkers of modern history, who at 94 years old was present, remotely, in a Future Congress which will have its closing day today, Saturday.

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