With over 40,000 in attendance and 4 million online, a new edition of Congreso Futuro has successfully concluded

Congreso Futuro is already a summer classic. After 12 years of making it, one can see how this event has matured and gained global significance: “The only way to truly create an inclusive future is to do everything possible to include people who have been marginalized,” he stressed. in her presentation by prominent transgender educator, speaker and activist, Abby Stein, which raised one of the greatest expectations, among more than 120 national and international exhibitors who passed the stage at the event this week.

This year, 2023, has focused on the technologies and complexities that come with the world of the Metaverse, along with its challenges and opportunities. Other topics of interest that were addressed focused on a future perspective, such as the environment, education and health. All under the banner of the slogan: #WithoutRealLimit. “Without the ocean, nature could not exist, it is the thermoregulator of the planet, it controls the climate, nothing we know would exist”, declared the marine biologist and American activist Sylvia Earle in his presentation, that at 87 he has more than 100 expeditions and 7,000 hours underwater; A highly experienced researcher who applauded the country for “having been able to protect the planet’s treasures”.

It should be remembered that Congreso Futuro is a project born in Chile. Its goal has always been to promote knowledge in national society and export it abroad to project a better future for everyone. “We are in a reality threatened by various factors and to face it we need to unite. The private world with the public world, the regions with the center and Chilean science with the world. CF is a unique meeting space to think about the challenges we have as a country in the near future. In this age of immediacy it is necessary to update ideas and thoughts. The more technology there is, the more threats and we need to regulate them,” said Guido Girardi, vice president of the Encuentros del Futuro Foundation.

The event not only points to the future, but also the themes of the present were addressed, by the hand of the most famous philosopher and linguist in modern history, Noam Chomsky, who spoke about the consequences of the climate crisis and possible solutions “carbon will it is affecting widely and leading to unspeakable destruction. Science has shown us that this is already happening and soon these systems will be irreversible.” However, he stressed that there is hope: “There is good news and it is the possibility of use the renewable energies available to build a better world”.

These and a thousand are the proposals and innovative ideas that emerge during the activity organized by the Commission for the Challenges of the Future and the Encuentros del Futuro Foundation (FEF), which since 2009 have led the Congress of the Future together with the country’s Universities, the Government , in the Senate and Chamber of Deputies, private institutions and civil society.

Future Congress in Regions for the World

Thanks to the collaborative work of 50 public and private universities and regional research centers, and the support of regional governments, Congreso Futuro has brought together more than 15,000 people across the country, in places such as the Huanchaca Ruins, the Bío Bío Theater, the Maule Regional Theater and Hall of Honor of the National Congresses in Valparaíso. There were 34 international speakers who spread between Arica and Magallanes, taking place in 16 regions, which, together with a hundred local exhibitors, gave life to one of the most important scientific, technological and cultural events in Latin America.

Cybersecurity, the development of sustainable agriculture based on global warming, gender and diversity studies, the protection and promotion of marine life, were some of the topics addressed throughout the country. The regions set the tone for the development of this meeting with the dissemination of knowledge on different topics. With exhibitors such as Abby Stein, Ekaterina Kostioukhina, Santiago Rincón Gallardo, Miguel Alcubierre, Anna Forés, Dyvia Chander, Sir Rattan Lal, among others.

Senator Francisco Chahuán, president of the Future Challenges Commission, underlined and celebrated the maturity of this event: “Congreso Futuro has established itself as an event that manages to generate long-term public policies, where the focus is on democratization and access to science, technology, innovation and knowledge. This 2023 we managed to line up from Arica to Magallanes with more than ten thousand attendees in person in all regions, not counting the Metropolitan. Future Congress has become the possibility, through exhibitions and interactions between academics and scientists, as a space where public policies and legislation are generated for the new challenges that the future presents us”

Featured CF No real limit

One of the activities that most attracted attention was the artistic-scientific project that inaugurated the event. When the conscience of the outstanding biologist Charles Darwin was revived. This is thanks to the implementation of Artificial Intelligence and the training of the algorithms, which after months of work have been able to project the answers that Darwin would have provided on the problems of current societies.

The campaign that accompanied Congreso Futuro was one of the points that publicly highlighted this month, a proposal that through an alliance with Metro de Santiago, has developed artistic and knowledge interventions that have taken over one of the main public transport networks in Chile The Baquedano, Pedro de Valdivia, Los Leones and Tobalaba stations dressed up in this year’s theme and users were able to enjoy the “Metaverse Experience Modules”, where they could explore the Metaverse with Oculus (virtual reality glasses). In turn, at the ticket offices it was possible to obtain 10,000 Bip cards with CF graphics and activate a world of augmented reality through an Instagram filter (https://www.instagram.com/ar/948190313231835/ ).
All the national and regional talks, together with each of the topics addressed in the event, are hosted on the website www.congresofuturo.cl which can be consulted free of charge.

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