2023 National Championship: Colo-Colo and UC thrash in their first; while the U debuts today against Huachipato

Appointment 1 of the National Championship has begun in its 2023 season and two teams have stood out for their goal-scoring debuts waiting for the match between the University of Chile and Huachipato today which ends with this first appointment.

Colo-Colo and Universidad Católica started the domestic league on the right foot by beating Deportes Copiapó and Everton respectively in their away games. O’Higgins and Ñublense were also visitors who managed to win in this first round; while Curicó Unido and Cobresal were the only places that triumphed.

Friday 20 January

The National Championship kicked off on Friday with two games, where the return of Magallanes to the honor division after a 36-year absence stood out, as well as reaching the Super Cup last week by beating Colo-Colo.

Magellan 0-1 O’Higgins

The Municipal Stadium of San Bernardo has been in charge of kicking off the 2023 National Championship in the match between “La Academia” and “El Capo de Provincia”. In a fairly even duel for both teams, the visit won after scoring Matias Belmar at 80′.

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Spanish Union 0-1 Ñublense

The Santa Laura stadium received the duel between “Hispanos” and “Diablos Rojos” where the visit was superior to that led by Ronald Fuentes and prevailed by a goal to nil scoring Bernardo Cerez at 43′.

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Saturday 21 January

Saturday also included two matches: Palestino received the Audax Italiano, which provided for Marcelo Díaz’s return to Chilean football; while, in the north, Unión La Calera visited Cobresal in El Salvador.

Palestinian Audax 1-1 Italian

At the Stadio Comunale de La Cisterna, Palestino received the Italian team in the first classic of the 2023 National Championship, this time in a new edition of the “classic colonial”.

Audax took the lead with a Chilean average of Gonzalo Sosa in the 75th minute, which surprised the Arab defence. However, when the game was over, Maximilian Salas he took advantage of a defensive mistake by the Italians and made it 1-1 after 90+1′.

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Cobresal-Union La Calera 3-1

At the Estadio del Cobre in El Salvador, Deportes Cobresal came on strong and easily defeated Unión La Calera by three goals to one.

Caesar Munder account opened on 31st e Alexander Camargo the home advantage increases in the 42nd minute, both with headers. However, the visit did not lose hope with the annotation of Luca Passerini at 45′. Though a great play by Cobresal resulted in the score being Gaston Lezcano in the 73rd minute, decreeing the final 3-1.

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Sunday 22 January

Sunday saw most of the goals of the date and the debuts of Universidad Católica and Colo-Colo. The cast of Curicó also made its debut on Sunday.

Everton 0-3 Catholic University

At the Sausalito stadium in Viña del Mar saw the debut of the local, Everton, and the Universidad Católica, which seeks to recover the crown during this 2023.

In an entertaining match, the “Oro y Cielo” started attacking the cross goal until the 44th minute Frank DiSanto he hit a great header from a cross Eugene Mena to declare the first goal of the match. Before the end of the first stage, Cesare Pinares at 45+4′ he puts the momentary 2-0.

Already in the complement, the crusaders calmed down the desire to attack, even if Fernando Zampedri in the 74th minute with a great individual play he cleared the final three for the players led by ariel holan.

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Sport Copiapó 2-5 Colo-Colo

Deportes Copiapó made their debut in the first division of our football, receiving the last champion, Colo-Colo, at the Luis Valenzuela Hermosilla stadium in a war of goals.

The bulletins began to hit quickly, as before the minute of play, Jordan Thompson he scored the first goal of the match. Then, at 13′, Marco Bolados increased for the visit making it 2-0. “El León de Atacama” did not give up in the first stage and maxi quinteros He took advantage of the cacique’s defensive shortcomings and put the discount for the club, and the first goal in the club’s history in the First Division.

During the second part, Colo-Colo repeatedly attacked the locals Marco Bolados scores his second personal and third for the registers (54 ‘). At 73’, Fabian Castillo With the cacique he made a dream debut, given that, after a personal play by Bolados, he was left alone in front of goal and scored the momentary 4-1. Two minutes later (75′), Marcos Bolados closed the afternoon of his dreams with his personal hat-trick and scoring the fifth goal for the last champion. Manuel López at 90+2′ he puts the last discount for the clubs, decreeing the final 2-5.

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Curico United 1-0 Coquimbo United

At the La Granja stadium, the Sunday day of the first round of the National Championship ended with the victory of the local team by a goal to zero against Coquimbo Unido.

The annotation of those led by Damiano Munoz reached 69′ thanks to the work of kennet lara. However, he finished the match one player down after his dismissal Yerko Leiva at 90+1′.

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Monday 23 January

This Monday is the official debut of Maurice Pellegrino under the command of the University of Chile, when they receive Huachipato at the Santa Laura stadium.

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