Cordón Cultural: the new circuit that the Ministry of Culture promotes in the south of Santiago

On Saturday 28 January, on the esplanade of the National Center for Contemporary Art (CNAC), the inaugural day of the new cultural cordon in the south of Santiago will be held, a circuit promoted by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage, in association with the Tío lalo Parra Municipal Cultural Center (CCMTLP).

The promotion of community cultural action in the southern area of ​​Santiago will incorporate an effort sustained over time that will materialize in a network made up of the Tío Lalo Parra Municipal Cultural Center, the National Center for Contemporary Art, the National Aeronautics Museum and of Space (MAE), the Metropolitan Gallery and the Municipal Library of Cerrillos.

“Realizing the principle of cultural democracy that we have proposed in the government program challenges us to develop a strong cultural program. Promoting the southern area of ​​Santiago as an active pole within the city, which develops and promotes the creation of the arts, science, memory and technology, allows generating a meeting space for citizens, forming collective experiences”. says the Minister of Cultures, Julieta Brodsky.

“In this way it is possible to incorporate into the collective consciousness the idea of ​​a neighborhood with its own identity that offers residents and visitors multiple cultural and educational expressions, in specially prepared spaces”, he adds.

Meanwhile, the Undersecretary for Cultures and the Arts, Andrea Gutiérrez, underlines: “We dream of a joint that allows us to promote long-term cultural participation, where communities are involved and enjoy a rich program throughout the year, where the visual arts, performing arts, music, audiovisual creation and more, become a constant engine for the enhancement of the rich socio-cultural substrate of the different territories”.


To celebrate the unprecedented collaboration, the community will be able to attend concerts by Illapu, Jeanne and the Cerrillos Children’s Orchestra, as well as participate in illustration, sound art, photography, printmaking, video art and performance workshops. There will also be food kiosks and a Red Cross cell phone.

The programming of the Cultural Cord will have contemporary artistic manifestations as its axis, since they constitute a reflection tool for creation, community participation and a necessary bridge for exchange with other regions of the country.

“It is important for our management to have the execution of this extraordinary project, which directly benefits our neighbors and neighbors with ties to neighborhood associations, urban, cultural and commercial spaces. Likewise, it enhances our civil work by promoting the arts, paving the way for the opening of instances that allow us to access other sources of funding and position ourselves as a point of reference for inter-territorial cooperation in the South-West sector,” he says the mayor of Cerrillos, Lorena Facuse.

At the opening, attendees will also be able to register for activities that will take place between February and May this year. Among these, art workshops for girls, boys and adolescents (photography, sound art, muralism, video-mapping); school of creation (engraving, painting, sculpture) and community residences, which will be led by artist-educators around the themes “Memory and community” (CNAC), “Home and suburbs” (CCMTLP), “Sky, wind and space (MAE ) and “Territory and Dignity” (Metropolitan Gallery).

“We are very happy to realize the Cultural Cord, a project that was planned for the long term and which is now proceeding thanks to the direct support of the Ministry of Cultures. We are also delighted to know that we are setting up the first working table together with the Center for Contemporary Art, the Air Force Museum and the Metropolitan Gallery. We believe that this union and working together will position our cultural axis in the southwestern sector, hand in hand with our neighbors”, underlines Álvaro Valdebenito, executive director of the Tío Lalo Parra Municipal Cultural Center.

In the same period, the performing arts will be present with the work “Industrial Cords” by the Tarea Urgente company, which will be completed by a discussion open to the community. Added to this is “The tiny forest” a multimedia exhibition which will remain open from 28 April until the end of July at the CCMTLP; likewise, soles (illustrations on the floor) will be made at the Cerrillos metro station, in Santiago, at the entrances to each institution and an intervention in the water tower of the Cerrillos plant in the municipality.

This first stage will close in May with an exhibition at the Tío Lalo Parra Municipal Cultural Center, where the work and experiences developed in this first stage of the Cultural Cordon will be shared.

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