Womad Festival confirms the dates of its eighth edition

A three-day experience together with art, gastronomy and music from four continents is what the eighth edition of WOMAD Chile Festivalwhich on March 31, April 1 and 2 will return to its traditional location in Plaza la Paz in Recoleta, again with free access for its three days.

The lineup of WOMAD Chile 2023 will feature a group of extraordinary international artists. From Chico César (Brazil) and Juana Molina (Argentina) to the Indian sounds of Nachda Punjab Cultural Mirror, the emblematic Mali Tamikrest of the Tuareg People, the legendary Italian band Modena City Ramblers, the Afrofuturism of Kizaba -Congolese artist- together with Chiva Gantiva (Belgium); the groove& (Republic of Korea) and Ifriqiyya Electrique (France), among others.

Names from the local scene are also listed, such as Operation CAF, Javier Barría, Nicole Bunout and Antonella Sigala, among others.

The autumn and milder days – originally held in February – were chosen for the second consecutive year, to live the WOMAD experience in our country, through a dense schedule of concerts, gastronomic spaces, fairs, complementary therapies, talks, films and exhibitions.

A rich weekend in which the public will be able to immerse themselves in the sounds, flavors and colors of the world to feel the intercultural spirit that characterizes WOMAD (acronym for World of Music, Arts & Dance), in a year also marked by the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the coup, including a series of related activities in its programming.

During its more than four decades of existence, WOMAD has been held in different countries and continents, valuing the importance of the cultural diversity of each territory and the need to recognize ourselves in that difference. In the case of WOMAD Chile, the organization has worked hard to generate a clean, sustainable and friendly event with the environment and public space, playing a role of integration with the neighboring community -the municipality of Recoleta-, connecting companies, trucks of food and workshops as part of the heart of this experience which is now eight years old.

“One more year for WOMAD Chile and another year to enjoy the musical richness of the world as a family in the unique experience offered by the most important world music festival on the planet. This year artists from different latitudes visited us and here, as always, they will be able to meet musicians who open horizons and live an exceptional experience that adds music, art, dance, workshops, heritage routes, cinema, exhibitions, parallel activities and the most varied flavors of the world.This 8th edition is approaching and we will continue to announce more surprises. Come and discover the world!” indicated Giorgio Varas, director of the WOMAD Chile Festival.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Recoleta, Daniel Jadue, highlighted an edition of the festival that takes place in a special year: “I am very happy to launch the eighth version of this Womad festival, already absolutely consolidated in our country as a window on the world. We continue to promote the breaking down of cultural and national borders, for the construction of a much more fraternal, supportive, integrative, inclusive and much more cohesive world. In this particular year, Womad launches a fervent appeal for peace, but remember also the 50 years of the coup d’état in Chile and the 200 years of the Monroe Doctrine which installed us as the backyard of the United States, hoping that these very things will not repeat themselves and that we can move forward in building a world for all.

Musicians of the world: international guests

WOMAD Chile is a great event that brings people together around a once-in-a-lifetime experience thanks to its special curatorship, since one of its distinctive aspects is the possibility to meet new artists from different latitudes of the world and different corners of the country. The festival is an open space to the fresh sounds of the music scene and its 2023 edition confirms this healthy custom, announcing the first group of artists who will participate in its eighth edition.

from Argentina, Juana Molina has finally confirmed her arrival at WOMAD Chile, after being forced to suspend her participation in 2022, with the approval of a successful tour that has her touring the United States for most of the season. Thus ends an absence of almost five years from our stages, to the delight of the most ardent fans of this landmark of Latin American folk pop.

Another who this year will have his revenge at WOMAD Chile is the Palestinian The synaptic, who could not perform his concert even in the latest version of the festival. Regarded as a pioneer of the new sounds of urban music that took Arab youth by storm on the dance floor, with powerful lyrics and a very personal vocal style. He will come from Jordan to the tune of “Tared” (2021), his gripping and latest hit.

Another proposal with Latin American roots is that of the Colombians Edmar Castañeda & Andrea Tierra, a married couple of musicians based in New York: he, a virtuoso of the harp, who has put his talent at the service of great jazz musicians and even Hollywood, with the soundtrack of the film “Encanto” (2021); she, singer, poet and composer. Together they will present material corresponding to their album Family (2021), nominated for a Latin Grammy.

Also from Colombia, but with the addition of members from Belgium, Vietnam and Chile, comes the project La Chiva Gantiva and his “punk-klore”, a concept developed over 15 years of experience and with tours of recording studios and concert halls in Europe and the United States.

The Latin American presence is completed with boy Caesarone of the most recognized songwriters in Brazil, established himself in 2019 as winner of the 29th edition of the Brazilian Music Award in the category of Best Pop/Rock/Reggae/Hip Hop/Funk Album with “Estado de Poesia – Ao Vivo”.

Already crossing the oceans to discover new continents, Modena City Ramblers arrives from Italy with a ska influenced by Irish folk, with more than 30 years of career always leaning towards social issues and apology of the Resistance, testified in his version of “Bella Ciao!”, while Nachda Punjab Cultural Mirrora traditional Indian dance group, will flood Plaza La Paz with its particular sound and surprising colors.

In the field of surprises, the female trio comes from the Republic of Korea groove& (sic), with an original sound like its name, based on playing multiple percussion instruments. From Tunisia, Ifriqiyya Electriquea traditional Sufi trance music ensemble, will debut in Chile with its provocative proposal of music and healing through catharsis.

The characteristic combination of percussion and choirs of Afro-electronic music will be present with the work of the Congolese Kizaba, which cultivates afrobeat pop and whose staging includes masks from different cultures of the black continent.

Sustainability, equality, inclusion and social justice are part of the Portuguese duet’s repertoire Withoutone of the jewels of the new Portuguese music, whose level has allowed them to release songs in collaboration with great personalities of their country, such as Carlão, Júlio Pereira and Rão Kyao.

Finally the band Tamikrestfrom the Tuareg people, will arrive with his new indie rock proposal in the Tamashek language, one of the many languages ​​of the nomadic Berber cultures of the Sahara desert.

From Chile to the world

Although WOMAD Chile is a showcase that invites you to discover new sounds from the world, it also allows you to offer spaces for the diffusion and export of national talents: just like every year, its programming includes the presence of exceptional Chilean artists in the genres Jazz and World Music. .

With more than 15 years of experience, CAF operation –pioneers in the fusion of jazz and hip hop– will take the stage of WOMAD Chile presenting their album “Light, figure and shadow”. modified at the end of 2022.

Even with jazz influences it comes Antonella Sigalawho has a fledgling career as a pop singer-songwriter: last year she released her first EP and opened for English Michael Bublé.

Originally from our country, but based in Brazil, the female duo Madela he will come to visit us to present his electrofolk and Amazonian sound, which can be appreciated in his latest single: “A Different World”.

With more than a decade of experience in recording rooms and stages, the singer-songwriter Nicole Bunut She will show her recognized and acclaimed vocal talent, this time put at the service of Latin American folklore, as can be seen in her latest singles, “Zamba del laurel” and “Oración del Remanso”.

Another illustrious songwriter who will score a presence is Javier Barriaone of the most recognizable figures of the national scene of the 21st century, developing an indie folk with a particular seal as a creator and producer of music.

Secondly, Panther Square will propose a contemporary Latin American popular fusion, with waltzes, boleros and urban and electronic music.

With a mixture of bronzes and cumbiero the Andean sound appears Hueo & Yatirisa project that brings together musicians from Santiago and Norte Grande, which invites you to recreate the carnivals of the north with a powerful and colorful staging.

Always in the spirit of a party, albeit in electronic format, Sharmatix will have you dancing to the intensity of his trance music, which he has released over the last few years via a handful of singles and EPs.

Finally, there will be the debut on the big stages of mizaran electronic project born in 2019, which is committed to psytrance / techno and innovative staging.

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