Fourth edition of the Soundtigago Festival

  • Fourth version of Soundtiago
  • Saturday 28 January
  • from 16:00 to 21:00
  • Providencia UDLA Campus (Manuel Montt number 948, Providencia)

Through experimentation between disciplines such as architecture, art, sound and performance, this fourth iteration of Soundtiago will feature the participation of Bardo Todol, Alejandro Albornoz, Urbanistas Planetarios, NICHUNIMU and others.

This new meeting of the transdisciplinary international festival will take place on Saturday, January 28, between 4:00 pm and 9:00 pm, at the UDLA Providencia Campus, together with national and Latin American guests.

Next Saturday, January 28, from 16:00 to 21:00, the 4th edition of the transdisciplinary international festival SOUNDTIAGO will be held, organized by the Faculty of Architecture, Animation, Design and Construction of the University of the Americas (UDLA). A meeting that aims to explore the possible relationships between body, sound and space, through experimentation between disciplines such as architecture, art, sound and performance, creating a space of interference that uses the urban geography of the city. Chile.

This year the guests of this 2023 version are the Argentinian Bardo Todol, the name under which Pablo Picco has been projecting a way of making noise, concrete music, free folk, field recordings and experiments with magnetic tapes for some years, as part of programming.

Meanwhile, the nationals, Alejandro Albornoz, a doctorate in electroacoustic composition who investigates the human voice, poetry, algorithms and language in acousmatic pieces, both in multi-channel and stereo format, NICHUNIMU, an improvisation trio working on the limits of free jazz and minimalism, presents his LP entitled “Un Cacho de Metal, Un Resto de Vaivén”, released in November 2022, by the label 577 records and Espacios Resonantes, a project that invites you to explore, based on experimentation, the sound and the interaction between architecture and listening, which will also be included in this year’s proposal.

On the other hand, Mario Z -also Chilean- visual and sound artist, who has developed his work from painting, installation, sound and experimental music. Also Bolgeri y Marín, a company that investigates from choreography, music and the visual arts, the problem of sound, body and visuality, as physical entities in movement that transform space and reality; are also part of this fourth version.

Finally, the Sindicato de Urbanistas Planetarios project, a collective made up of architects Juan Pablo Corvalán and Julio Suárez, which works with collaborations from various artists, has released its first album, entitled “Metro Chile”, which projects the sound imagery of urban theories .criticism of the Universe, closes the lineup of the Soundtiago Festival 2023.

The focus of this new edition seeks to question the specificity of media that draw the limits between the disciplines it convenes and which allows to consolidate the interaction of interdisciplinary creation, positioning itself as a platform of experiences with academic concerns from different conceptual origins , where actors are connected with researchers, creators and students.

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