The Ministry of Transport calls for the resignation of three Subtel executives: “Anti-union practices” and judicial fronts would be the causes

One year after his appointment as undersecretary for telecommunications (Subtel) and by order of the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications (MTT), Claudio Araya has asked for the resignation of three of the members of his board of directors. “Anti-union practices” and judicial fronts that have given negative balance sheets to the management would be the reasons for the dismissals of Jaccob Sandoval, head of financial administration, Marco Silva, prosecutor, and the head of cabinet, Manuel Luna.

The decision was communicated via an internal email after a meeting held with the Association of Technical Portfolio Officials. “I want to deeply thank the commitment, dedication and work done by our colleagues in their first year of office. We want to convey the necessary tranquility to the different teams involved, to all our officials, with whom we will work hand in hand, in the face of the challenges and the objectives embraced”, said the undersecretary.

With reservations, a source linked to the Association commented that “we know that it was not easy for the undersecretary to take this decision, because it is his iron lap, but what has happened in recent months has had a strong impact on the workers. We support Subtel’s management in whatever happens”.

“Anti-union practices”

The year was 2022 when Subtel workers accused Sandoval of “anti-union practices” for a series of changes that would denote the lack of clarity on the discipline of paid medical licenses, with advance discounts and partial invoices, the absence of support from DAF (Finance) to patients and new criteria Criteria Criteria, without considering the law.

For this reason, in September the National Association of Tax Employees (Anef) requested a meeting with the Minister of MTT, Juan Carlos Muñoz, and the Undersecretary of Subtel. In the application – and according to a document that was registered on the association’s website – the authorities promised to make changes to reduce the relationship between the financial area and the workers.

Analyzing the facts and intending to improve the situation, Araya stepped in and split the finance administration department to reduce interaction with the workers. Since the idea did not bear fruit, it was decided to remove Sandoval from office.

legal cases

For their part, the prosecutor Marco Silva and the head of cabinet Manuel Luna, were fired for mismanagement which would trigger legal proceedings that would directly affect the undersecretary and which would continue throughout the year 2023.

ClaroVTR License Change of Use; WOM’s subsequent application to the Supreme Court; and the suspension of the Independent Technical Organization’s (OTI) judgment by the Court of Appeal, are among some of the cases in which the organization has been involved.

Close sources have revealed that at the time of the balance sheet of the portfolio, Luna and Silva left with a negative balance and, for the same reason, Minister Muñoz allegedly made the decision to separate them from the institution to change strategy, seeking a profile that responds effectively to the requirements of these important positions.

It should be noted that Sandoval, Silva and Luna belong to the Communist Party (PC) and entered the administration in March 2022 together with Undersecretary Araya.

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