Constituent process: the Chamber ratifies the regulations and the members of the Technical Admissibility Committee

With 125 votes in favour, 6 against and 6 abstentions, the Chamber of Deputies and Deputies approved the proposed regulation for the functioning of the organs of the new constituent process. The text will also have to be approved by the Senate on this day.

Likewise, the Chamber approved the list of 14 members of the Technical Admissibility Commission. This list must now be ratified by the Senate.

In both cases, the favorable vote of the 4/7 senators in office is required.


The regulation (see report) aims to establish the organization, functioning and procedural rules of the organs of the constitutional process: the Constitutional Council, the Commission of Experts and the Technical Admissibility Committee (CTA).

The rules established in this regulation will apply to those who integrate the aforementioned bodies, as well as to the staff and to anyone who intervenes in their functioning. Each of the three bodies, by a majority of three fifths of its active members, can formulate a proposal for modification to the National Congress; which will have a term of five days to deliberate on the matter.

Furthermore, it is established that the Council, the Commission of Experts and the CTA respect in their agreements, votes, amendments and, in general in all their actions, the institutional and fundamental bases established by article 154 of the Political Constitution of the Republic.

The bodies that make up the constitutional process, its commissions and subcommittees will meet in person at the headquarters of the National Congress in Santiago.

The regulation also establishes the duties and rights of the members of each body, its unitary conformation, the internal organization of each one and the discussion and voting mechanisms.

The members of the various instances will express their vote using the terms “Yes” or “For”, “No” or “Against” and “Abstain” or “I abstain”. In no case will abstention be considered among the votes in favor of a proposal or a regulation.

Finally, it also regulates, among other things, the citizen participation process and the rules of ethics, transparency and correctness.

Technical Eligibility Committee

The Chamber of the Chamber also approved, with 123 votes in favour, 6 against and 8 abstentions, the list of lawyers who will make up the Technical Admissibility Committee, in accordance with the provisions of article 146 of the Political Constitution.

In this way, the aforementioned committee will be composed of:

  • Viviana Ponce de Leon Solis
  • Julia Urquieta Olivares
  • Marcos Contreras Enos
  • Claudio Grossmann Guiloff
  • Stephanie Esparza Reyes
  • Juan Carlos Ferrada Borquez
  • Tomas Giordano Diaz
  • Marisol Pena Torres
  • Victor Manuel Aviles Hernandez
  • Hector Antonio Mery Romero
  • Cecilia Flores Eterovic
  • Ana Maria García Barzelatto
  • Josefina Soto Larreategui
  • Enrique García Arancibia
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